Diamond Select Toys A Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Town Square Box Set Review


This is Halloween, this is Halloween 

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Today’s the big day for the characters in A Nightmare Before Christmas, and what better way to celebrate Halloween than to take a look at one of the new offerings from Diamond Select Toys. This box set includes new versions of Jack Skellington with new facial expressions, Sally with new facial expressions, the Mayor, an exclusive Harlequin Demon figure, and an exclusive Town Square fountain diorama piece that you need to own.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their A Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Town Square Box Set for review

Availability: October 2018



Both Jack and Sally are reissued figures and each Minimate features a new facial expression. Jack is painted in his black and white striped outfit with a bat-bowtie, and a white skull head and black deco for his eyes, mouth, nose and eye brows. Jack includes three head sculpts, with each a different expression. Sally also comes with a new facial expression and is offered in her multi-colored stitched together dress, with sleeves, and her skirt is sculpted as a separate piece over the Minimate legs. The skirt also has some texture to it, and the patch in the front are sculpted over the skirt. Her shoes and painted black, with black lines over her ankles, which indicates socks. There is also some stitching marks on her legs, arms, and face (as she is a corps herself). Both Jack and Sally include an acrylic figure stand.



The Mayor is sculpted in his grey coat with black trim, and the coat overhangs around the legs. On his coat there is a Mayor ribbon painted in brown and white, and he also includes a spider as a bowtie, top hat, and black pants with grey stripes, and black shoes. He features two facial expressions that can be swiveled around, and each include some nicely done painted details. Included with the Mayor is a horn and an acrylic figure stand.


The Harlequin Demon is our personal favorite in this box set, and the demon features an excellent sculpt, with snake-like hair, an outfit that is fully sculpted and painted in brown and yellow, grey fur on the arms, and green hands and feet. The head sculpt has an enormous mouth that is ball jointed, and teeth are all the way around both top and bottom. The head is being held at the center with intestines of some kind, which is an excellent detail. The eyes are glowing yellow with brown pupils. Included is an acrylic figure stand.


The Town Square Fountain features some of the best sculpting in The Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates line, and has an excellent likeness to it as seen in the film. The fountain is made up of two parts, with the lizard half being placed on the fountain, which is similar to how the Select version was created. The lizard includes some sculpted details, wings, a mouth, tail and a tongue that is pouring the green water or slime. The lizard also includes Minimate inspired hands and arms, which looks great. The fountain has a peg in the pool so that the lizard can be snapped into place, and the tongue is placed inside the groove. The fountain has sculpted stone bricks with a flat surface on the bottom, which is nicely detailed.


Diamond Select Toys is offering an excellent assortment of characters in their Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Town Square Box Set, and each Minimate has 14 points of articulation (minus the fountain as that has none) and stands at 2″ tall. The box set is a welcome addition to the line, and certainly worth adding to your collection.


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