NECA Toys Ultimate Alien Warrior Figure Review


NECA Toys is now offering their Ultimate Alien Warrior Figure, which features added articulation and new packaging for the Ultimate line-up. This figure is offered in two deco versions – a brown figure and a blue figure. The only difference between the two figures is the difference in deco.

From the thrilling Aliens movie, the Warrior Alien gets the “Ultimate” action figure treatment! The assortment includes both blue and brown Aliens.

We’ve upgraded the deadly creatures, which now have added articulation and plenty of extras: each comes with a facehugger, chestburster and egg accessory.

The Warrior stands over 9″ tall and has over 30 points of articulation and bendable tail. Comes in collector-friendly deluxe window box packaging with opening flap.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Ultimate Alien Warriors Figure for review. 

Availability: October 2018


The Ultimate Alien Warrior Figure is an update to existing Alien figure molds by NECA Toys, and is given added articulation, With NECA, the term “Ultimate” means more articulation, as evidence with current releases of other franchises including Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead and more.

This figure shares the 9″ Alien figure sculpt with existing figures, and features some retooled and newly tooled parts giving him double jointed elbows, hinged fingers, double jointed knees and hinged toes. The figure maintains all of the great sculpting as seen before, with the high-end quality textures and all of the tiny details that make this Alien sculpt so great. This particular figure is the blue version of the new Ultimate Alien figure, and has a blue wash over the black sculpt, with the exception of the tongue that is black with a light grey wash. The tongue pops out as seen before, and the jaw is hinged allowing the tongue to pop out. The hands and feet are longer sculpts, as this is to allow the new hinged joints to work better. The tail is bendable, and helps him to stand in various poses for display alongside other Alien figures.



Included with the Ultimate Alien Warrior figure is a facehugger, chestburster and egg that the facehugger can pop out of. The egg features some great detail and sculpting, and the facehugger and chestburster have bendable tails allowing some great poses. The deco on these is also nicely done, and works great with other 7″ scale Alien figures.

Overall, this is an excellent set with superior articulation and great sculpting. Alien collectors will surely want to pick up this set, preferably both the blue and brown versions of the figure.


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