Mattel – WWE Elite Collection Series 64 Curt Hawkings Figure Review


Mattel’s WWE Elite Collection Series 64 includes two versions of Curt Hawkings, a regular one, and a Black Gear Chase Variant Figure. Curt Hawkings is a former tag-team champion, and as it states on the back of the box, he has faced his fare share of loses since returning to the WWE in 2016., and has the longest record of lost matches in a row in WWE history.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their WWE Elite Collection Series 64 Curt Hawkings Figure for review. 

Availability: December 2018

Curt Hawkingsis packaged in the standard window box as seen with other modern WWE Elite figures by Mattel, with images of him on the left side, and an action shot of him in the ring on the back along with a brief bio. Also shown are the other figures available in this wave, which includes


Curt Hawkings Blue Gear version is the regular release, and this outfit is inspired by Bret ” The Hitman” Hart’s famous look, and this outfit is what he wore at the Elimination Chamber 2017. The outfit includes an orange vest that is removable, with a logo printed on the upper left side that is blue and silver, and a larger logo on the back that says Face The Facts, which is white, orange, blue, black and silver. The best also has a black zipper, and the vest has great attention to detail that makes it look realistic. Once removed, the Bret Hart inspired outfit is shown, and this version has a blue outfit, with an orange and silver printed logo on the chest, , and ‘Face the Facts’ symbols on the sides of his hips, instead of Hitman on the sides of the legs. This version of the outfit has solid orange stripes going down the sides of the legs, white trim around the orange on the front of the boots, and orange stripes on the back of the boots. His wrists also have white wrist bands painted on.


The Black Gear version is a Chase Variant that is also a full blown outfit inspired by Bret Hart. He has orange and blue flames at the sides, with the word Hawkings instead of Hitman on the sides of the legs in white, The symbol on his chest is also different with white as opposed to orange, and blue trim around the orange on the front of the boots, and blue stripes on the back of the boots.

Both versions share the same head sculpt, as well as the McKenzie tattoo on the back of his left forearm. The head sculpt is nicely done with a great likeness to him, and includes a beard and mustache that is textured and painted, textured hair, and great facial details.

Both figures include a cane, an extra set of fisted hand sculpts, and a breakaway WWE Raw wall accessory.

Both figure sculpts are fully articulated, which includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, both versions of Curt Hawkings are great figures with superb attention to detail and likenesses. Fans of the WWE line will surely want to pick up these figures now, which are currently available in select stores and online.


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