Jazwares – Fortnite Carbide, Drift & Omega Figures Review


Jazware’s Fortnite line is one of the hottest properties right now on the market, and this includes a full line-up of action figures, including a multipack and singles. Featured in this review are there 4″ figures that are available now, including Carbide, Drift and Omega. We previously covered the packaging that was sent out, which is a life-size chest, that carried all of these sets when Jazwares shipped them out. That chest is truly amazing, and definitely one of the most impressive packaging we’ve ever seen.

Thank you to Jazwares for sending along this Fortnite Carbide, Drift and Omega Figures along for review.

Availability – December 2018


Omega is offered in an “Early Game Survival Kit,” which is more of a deluxe offering in the 4″ figure line. This deluxe size is somewhere between the “Solo Mode”  and “Drama Llama” offerings. In the game, Omega is a progressive skin, which means he stands out as a more basic character, and gains new armor as the game progresses. This Omega figure is offered with full armor and is painted in his dark grey, black, silver with some red deco on various parts of the armor. The chest armor, shoulders and face are metallic, which stands out on this figure. The sculpt uses some shared parts with Drift, including the legs, chest armor and arms, and includes a newly sculpted head sculpt and retooled chest armor with the spikes sticking up on the upper back. The head sculpt is helmeted, with a red visor going across both sides his head.

Omega comes with a Legendary Assault Rifle, the Onslaught harvesting tool, Precision back pack, and a Wet Paint Glider.


Drift is one of the basic figure offerings in the 4″ line by Jazwares, and in the game he is considered more of an attacker skin because of his triped jacket, the kitsune mask, and flashy pink rift lighting effect. Drift is offered in his stage 5 skin, and he comes with his gold and black jacket that is made of a soft plastic, and has white, pink and gold stripes and other details on the back. The gold on the jacket is metallic, which makes him stand out. Underneath the jacket, he is sculpted in a pink vest with a hood, and a gold zipper with other gold deco. Under the vest is a black shirt with sleeves with pink stripes on the arms, gold stripes on the hands, and the fingers are painted beige, meaning the glove does not cover them. He is also painted with a white belt, black pants and some pink deco on them, boots that are mostly black, but also with white, pink and gold deco. His head sculpt has the appearance of a cat that has a white mask, with pink and gold deco, black deco around the eyes and on the mouth. His neck and at the lower portion of his face has beige deco, meaning his skin is showing and are not covered. Included with Drift is his harvesting tool that is painted with a gold chain, pink, purple and silver deco.


Carbide is offered in a metallic blue armor, metallic silver chest armor, and black deco as seen in the game. The accent lights are missing on this armor however that are shown in various places on the armor that are bright colors. The figure uses some shared parts with Omega, including the legs, chest and arms, and a newly tooled head sculpt and retooled upper chest armor. There are also some light grey deco, which is shown on the boots, gloves, lower pack and on the mask. The head sculpt is helmeted with a mask, with the helmet being mostly black,, with metallic brown and silver sculpted details on top that also has a texture to it. Some facial details are also shown on this figure as the mask over covers his upper part of the face including the eyes and cheeks, and the nose, mouth and surrounding area is shown. Included with Carbide is a harvesting tool that is painted in black, blue and light blue.

The articulation on all of these figures includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed torso, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles. Besides the accessories mentioned, all figures include a Wooden Buildable piece that they can stand on.

Overall, the new Fortnite line-up by Jazwares is one of the best toy lines currently on the market, and these 4″ figures all look great with game accurate sculpts and deco that go great with the Turbo Builder Set. Fans of the game, and action figure collectors in general should definitely purchase this set and other offerings currently available.

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