NECA Toys Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures Review


NECA Toys is now offering their Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures that are based on their designs in the early 1990’s. This wave includes Metal Mash Endoskeleton, the White Hot T-1000 and the Power Arm T-800 Terminator figure. These figures have been modernized using today’s highly detailed standards and if you owned the vintage Kenner figures, it’s more than likely this is how you saw them in your mind as a child, at least that’s what some fans are saying.

Power Arm T-800 features a detailed weapons arm with interchangeable missile launcher and grabbing claw attachments. White Hot T-1000 changes color when dunked in water, just like the original version. Metal Mash Endoskeleton features working pistons and comes with a plasma rifle accessory.

Thank you to NECA Toys for sending along their Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures for review.

Availability: January 2019

The Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures are displayed on clamshell packages with artwork that pays homage to the classic Kenner look and design. This includes artwork of the figure on the front, along with the classic Kenner tribute look and design. On the back, are images of what is offered right now, including a look of their upcoming John Connor figure on a motorcycle that is base on his appearance in the film.


Power Arm T-800 features an excellent likeness to the classic Kenner figure and the figure uses some shared parts with the previously T-800 movie figure by NECA Toys such as the legs, ammo belt, jacket and chest, along with a newly tooled head sculpt, human arms and Power Arm. The head sculpt is nicely done with a great likeness to Arnold Schwarzenegger, and includes an Exoskeleton battle damage on the right side of his face, along with some blood and flesh wounds around the Exoskeleton as well as various places on his face and neck. His jacket has the bullet holes that has been previously offered, which works well for this release as it gives the battle damage appearance that this figure is known for. His shirt is painted in pink with a black wash over it, black pants with a wash over it and black boots with a wash and a silver buckle. His arms look like human arms , and the left arm has a black band with a watch on it. The Power Arm is his primary feature, which is a mechanical arm that includes a working pistons, and has an interchangeable missile and claw attachment. The Power Arm is painted in grey with a black wash over it, and is attached to the shoulder, which also pops off to swap out with the human arm. His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders (including the Power Arm), hinge elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged Power Arm elbow, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, ball hinged and swivel knees, and ball jointed ankles. The claw attachment also has hinged pinchers. Also included with Power Arm is a plasma rifle that can fit into either of the human hands.


Metal Mesh uses the standard Terminator Exoskeleton T-800 sculpt and features glowing if a light source is behind him. The sculpt is nicely done and detailed just like the character is shown in the movie, and includes  pistons and wires, and also feels fragile to the touch. The figure is painted in a bronze metallic finish with black wires and other details, and looks great as a modern figure to the retro Kenner line. On his chest is the number 7550 painted in black, and his teeth are painted in white. The eyes have a translucent red piece in the back that allows light to pass through it. His articulation includes a ball-jointed head, hinged-swivel chest, hinged-swivel shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, ball-jointed hips with limited movement as they are connected to thin pieces, hinged knees, swivel ankles, hinged toes. He comes with a plasma rifle that doesn’t quite fit into either hand, as his fingers are too fragile to move without the risk of breaking.


The White Hot T-1000 uses the same sculpt as the standard T-1000 movie figure released in the Ultimate line-up, and this figure changes color when dunked in water, just like the original Kenner figure. He is sculpted in the police uniform with the badge on his chest that is painted in silver, along with his name badge, buttons and belt buckle that are also silver that do not change color. The color change goes from dark blue to light blue, and the color transition is quite something to watch as it happens. Using hot water changes it from dark blue to light blue, and using cold water changes it from light blue to dark blue.  The figure also has the belt with pouches and the holster for the pistol, and the belt and hip area changes into a slightly different shade of blue compared to the rest of the body. The sculpt works well for him and this is a great update to the classic Kenner release. His head sculpt is nicely done and is also in the color changing effects, and maintains a great likeness to Actor Robert Patrick. His eyes are also painted in silver to represent the liquid metal. His articulation is the same as the earlier 2016 release, so you know what you’re getting here, and he includes two bladed arms, a pistol and an interchangeable right trigger hand sculpt.

Overall, the Terminator 2 Kenner Tribute Figures are great modern updates to the vintage figures and use today’s highly detailed sculpts and attention to detail that fans are used too. The Power Arm T-800 and White Hot T-1000 are obviously the top two figures in this assortment, and we especially love the modern take on these two classic Kenner figures. Make sure to pick up a set now, as these are available in stores, as well as at the links below:


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