Disney Store Exclusive Toy Story Shufflerz Buzz Lightyear & Alien Figures Review


The Disney Store is offering a new line-up of Toy Story Shufflerz figures that have the ability to walk by pressing  the top of the figures 10 times and watch them ‘shuffle’ along their way. This limited edition line-up includes Alien, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Po Beep and Rex, which are priced at $12.95 USD each.

Availability: February 2019

The Disney Store Exclusive are packaged in a window box that includes nicely done artwork on the front, sides, top and back. On the back, are images of all of the figure being offered in the Shufflerz line-up, along with a preview of how to activate the motorized function, which you need to press down 10x on their heads, which activates their legs to being walking.

The introduction of stylized figures or figurines such as these has been a trending thing this decade, and very few offerings such as these have features such as the ability to walk. The Disney Store’s new line-up of Toy Story Shufflerz figures offers something you might not already have. As stated above, the figures have the ability to walk and have a motorized feature. Each of the figures are made of plastic, with labels placed around their torso’s that gives the figure his or her unique outfits and details. There are some additional paint applications on their arms, legs and heads to give a great character likeness, such as the antenna for the Alien, and Buzz Lightyears helmet. For Buzz, his arms have details such as the red button on his right arm, and the Space Ranger logo on the left arm. The wings are attached to his back and cannot be lowered or removed. The Alien has the planet symbol on his chest and is mostly blue with dark blue belt and shoes. Both of their facial details are nicely done and the Alien includes his three eye balls and looks more like he does in the film, while Buzz Lightyear’s facial details are more stylized with the round blue eyes and facial expression. The wings on Buzz’s back have the red stripes, blue, green and purple deco, which are the primary colors used for him. Besides the motorized function, both figures have rotating arms that swivel around and cannot stand upright by themselves, which only move when you move them.


Overall, Toy Story Shufflerz figures are nicely done with great paint applications and a fun feature for your kids to play with. Incidentally, the Alien figure goes great with the Toy Story Toy Box figures are shown above, which is also around the right size to them as seen in the film. Make sure to grab yourself a set now at The Disney Store.


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