Mattel – WWE Elite Collection Survivor Series Alexa Bliss Figure Review

Mattel – WWE Elite Collection Survivor Series Alexa Bliss Figure Review


Mattel is offering three new WWE Elite figures based on their appearances in the Survivor Series, and are exclusively available at Wal-Mart. This wave includes AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss and Bobby Roode. Each action figure features Elite articulation, unique accessories and True FX facial deco detail.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their WWE Elite Collection Survivor Series Alexa Bliss Figure for review. 

Availability: December 2018

Alexa Bliss is packaged in the standard window box as seen with other modern WWE Elite figures by Mattel, with images, including the Survivor Series logo on the front, of her on the left side, and an action shot of her on the back along with a brief bio. Also shown are the other figures available in this wave.


Alexa Bliss comes in her red and gray tank top and shorts with silver accents that are sculpted to the tank top. Her boots are mostly grey with the words Alexa Bliss on either side of the front, and laces in the back that are painted in red. The tank top is sculpted on, as opposed to the shorts that are painted, and the attention to detail on the deco on the clothing came out exceptionally well including the silver accents, which have very little bleeding over into the red part of the outfit.The boots are also sculpted, and she has knee pads made of a soft plastic over her knees. The gloves are also painted in grey, with red deco  that resembles the skeletal structures of her fingers. Recently, Mattel has been giving their female wrestling figures smaller hands that are more in-scale with the sculpts, and this looks even better than what some of the earlier figures had.



Her head sculpt looks incredible, and is sculpted with an angry expression. Her eyes are painted with a black wash around the eye balls, and her hair is blonde with pink highlights at the end of the two pieces going around her shoulders and down the sides of her chest.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel wrists, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, hinged knees, swivel calves, and hinged ankles.

Included is her Championship title that is a white belt, with gold and the WWE logo in red and white. The belt can fit around her waist, but it is slightly too large for her.

Overall, Alexa Bliss is an excellent figure with some of the best detail currently offered in this line, and we especially love the paint applications on the outfit, and facial details. This wave was available in December 2018, and we’ve been told that it’s a difficult wave to come by, as we ourselves never had seen this wave in stores. If you ever happen to find these figures in stores, don’t miss the opportunity and make sure to pick it up while you can.



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