Mega Construx MCX Heroes Mini-Figure Series 5 Figures Review


Mega Construx contiinues their popular MCX Heroes line-up, which includes heroes and villains from a variety of franchises. This wave includes characters from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Masters of the Universe, Alien, and the first-ever X-Files figures. Each figure includes accessories and up to 13 points of articulation.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their Mega Construx MCX Heroes Mini-Figure Series 5 Figures for review. 

Availability: May 2019


Mega Construx continues to offer more Masters of the Universe characters in each new wave, and this time around you get Stratos and Scareglow. They join He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Man-At-Arms, Evil Lyn, Beast Man and Faker. Stratos shares some parts with Beast Man, which also continues the trend since they’ve been sharing parts since the 1980’s vintage line. He is painted with dark grey fur, a red belt, red wings, blue lion cloth, a blue jet back with straps around his chest and waist, and a red and blue mask over his head with black goggles. Mega Construx could easily reissue this figure with the red jetpack and blue wings, but we’ll see what happens. The paint applications are solid and he, like all other figures in the wave and line-up features a great likeness. Included is his Staff of Avion that needs to be assembled, which is green and gold. Scareglow features the ability to glow in the dark, which is a feature that each figure of him has been given, and this one is no exception. He has some painted skeletal structures on his chest, arms and legs, as well as a skeleton for a head that has a black lightning bolt on top, gold eyes, teeth and a nose that are painted in black. His cape is made of a soft plastic and is removable, and he has a purple lion cloth, boots, and a black belt. Included is his axe that needs to be assembled, and is light green.



The Alien Xenomorph is a repaint from wave 1, and is given blue deco that is washed on in light and dark, with the darker blues in tighter spaces on his skeletal structure to define all of the great detail he’s been given. The Xenomorph is larger than any figure in this wave, as he should be. The likeness is very nicely done and there is some great detailed sculpting done on the body. He’s been given new claw-like hands, as opposed to attachments. The tail is ball jointed, and while it stays bent, it does have a good range of motion. The figure includes a Facehugger, and can be placed over a head of one of the humanoid figures, and one crawling on the floor.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello is based on his appearance in the first comic books by creator Kevin Eastman. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has seen many great releases in recent years from Mega Construx, and even grey and black first appearance figures that were as single packs and also based on Kevin Eastman’s design. This figure is colorized, and includes the green skin, yellow chest and brown shell on his back. The knee and arm pads are light brown, and he also has two interchangeable masks on his head that are red and purple. Included with Donatello is his bo staff. The figure also has black deco shading giving it definition, as seen in the comics and is a nice touch. Donatello shares some slight differences in shading compared to Leonardo, such as the black deco on his shell, as well as an all-new head sculpt.


New to this line is the introduction of two classic X-Files character, Fox Moulder and an Alien. Fox Moulder is in his black suit, black pants and shoes, a blue undershirt and a black tie. The figure has a good likeness to Actor David Duchovny, with dark brown hair and nicely done facial details. Fox Moulder includes a handgun, a flashlight, and a poster that was on the wall in his office. The Alien is painted in a light grey skin tone with a darker wash on various areas of his body. The sculpt has some nicely done details including on the chest and back, and his head sculpt has a great likeness to his television appearance. His head is bald, and has a darker wash on it, with black eye sockets. Included is a glass with an alien on it, and a tablet, which he can hold both.

Each figure includes a figure stand with their name on it.

Overall, this is an excellent line-up and a great character selection. Fans of Masters of the Universe, Alien, X-Files, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will love these figures. Look for these to hit store shelves soon, or check out the links below to reserve your figures now.


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