NECA Toys Alien Vs Predator – Dutch & Lynn Figure 2-Pack Review


The highly anticipated release of the Alien Vs Predator – Arcade Appearance Dutch & Lynn Figure 2-Pack figures by NECA Toys are available now, and this 2-pack includes Dutch and Lynn just as they were seen in the classic 1994 arcade game. The figures feature the 8-bit deco style of video games from that time, and includes a great likeness just as fans would expect. Additional offerings are also available now, which includes the Predator figures and Arcade Appearance Alien Xenomorph figures.

Playable characters Dutch and Linn make their action figure debut with paint deco that re-creates the look of the arcade game. Major Dutch Schaefer comes with a detachable blast effect for his huge mechanical arm, plus backpack and interchangeable hands. Lt. Linn Kurosawa comes with sword and gun accessories that fit into working sheaths. They both have 30 points of articulation and stand approximately 7″ tall. Window box packaging.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Alien Vs Predator – Arcade Appearance 7″ Scale Dutch & Lynn Figure 2-Pack for review. 

Availability: May 2019

The Arcade Appearance Alien figures are packaged in a window box with artwork of the classic game, images of the figures on the sides, and a full view of the figures on the back along with nicely done action shots, a bio, and images of the rest of the figures inspired from the game. The figures are stored in a plastic tray along with their accessories.


Dutch and Lynn come in the 8-bit deco as seen in the game as well as the Predator and Alien figures already released, and both figure features great likeness to the game. Dutch is sculpted and painted in military gear as well as his iconic robotic arm that he is best remembered for in the game. The robotic arm is essentially a replacement for his human arm, and features functioning pistons and connected wiring, as well as a firing mechanism, as you can slide the barrels out and extend the back of the arm out to “vent” the arm. The robotic hand can also swap out with open and closed fisted hands, and the robotic arm also has a firing effect that attaches just below the hand. The figure sculpt itself looks amazing and definitely a great likeness to the game. He is sculpted and painted in brown and tan desert camouflage shirt and pants, that also has the 8-bit deco. The backpack is placed on his back, and is attached to straps that are around his shoulders, as well as a shoulder guard around the right arm, which is above the robotic arm shoulder. Some additional details includes a black belt, left elbow guard, a black glove on the left hand, and black knee pads.

His head sculpt is nicely done with blonde hair with a wash over it, a five o’clock shadow, and nicely done facial details that pays a great homage to the game.


Lynn has some reuse to her from previously offered Alien figures, and with the 8-bit deco she almost looks like a completely new sculpt. Lynn is sculpted and painted in a grey vest that serves as body armor with straps around her shoulders and back. The outfit is painted in a bright orange with yellow  and some brown camouflage deco on her pants. The outfit also has a black belt with a silver belt buckle, a holder for the pistol that is attached with straps on her hip, a shoulder guard on the left shoulder, elbow and knee pads, and a sheath for her sword that is attached like a belt around her hips. The head sculpt is nicely done and has a ball jointed ponytail, which works great when posing. The hair is brown with a wash over it, and the facial details are nicely done with a great likeness to the game. Lynn also includes an interchangeable right hand where one works for the sword, and the other the pistol.

The articulation for the figure is what you would expect for Alien or Predator human characters, so you should know what you’re going to be getting. The robotic arm for Dutch is new, and does have some decent range of motion such as a ball jointed shoulder, hinged elbow and swivel hand. Some of the articulation to the shoulder is blocked due to the shoulder guard above it, which cannot be removed.


Overall, this Alien Vs Predator – Dutch & Lynn Figure 2-Pack is one of our favorite releases of the year so far and completes the 1994 video game collection. The quality of the figures, and the exceptional work on the paint applications are amazingly detailed, and fans are sure to love this set. Make sure to grab a set now by clicking on one of our valued partners below before you buy.


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