Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive – WWE “Macho Man” Randy Savage Figure Review


Snap into a Slim Jim! OOOH yeah!

This year at San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel is offering the WWE Hall of Famer “Macho Man” Randy Savage as he appeared in the classic Slim Jim commercials of the early 1990’s. These commercials promoted the beef jerky Slim Jim, which as you know is during the Golden Age of Wrestling, and introduced an entire generation of children to the product. This years exclusive is a partnership between Mattel and Conagra Brand, owner of Slim Jim, which made it possible to bring this figure to life in this iconic outfit.

We are honored to bring you an early look at this years San Diego Comic-Con “Macho Man” Randy Savage exclusive, which will be sold at the Mattel booth or available to purchase online at Entertainment Earth for a retail price of $29.99.

Products Details:

  • WWE Slim Jim “Macho Man” Randy Savage Elite Action Figure
    • WWE Segment: Elite Collection
      • Mattel / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive: WWE Slim Jim “Macho Man” Randy Savage Elite Action Figure
    • Product Features:
      • Get 1000% snap with this WWE “Macho Man” Randy Savage Elite action figure celebrating his starring role in the explosive Slim Jim television commercials. Snap into this WWE “Macho Man” Randy Savage Elite Collection Action Figure and feel the excitement! This bold and colorful collectible figure celebrates “Macho Man” Randy Savage in all his glory as spokesman for the Slim Jim brand and star of the explosive Slim Jim television commercials.
        • Figure has deluxe articulation, TrueFX enhanced facial detailing for life-like authenticity, realistic ring gear and comes with a wild-patterned jacket, hat, glasses and 2 Slim Jim accessories for 1000% snap!
        • Also features exclusive Slim Jim-inspired packaging.
        • Need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim and make your collection Elite!
    • SRP: $29.99

Thank you to Mattel for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive – WWE “Macho Man” Randy Savage Figure for review. 

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con 2019

The packaging of this years WWE San Diego Comic-Con is inspired from a box of Slim Jim’s, and the outer part of the box is red on all four sides with artwork and the logo of WWE and Slim Jim, with “Macho Man” Randy Savage listed on the box, as well as the Nutrition Facts. The top has yellow and black to indicate the Slim Jim sticks, and the bottom has a barcode with licensing details. Inside the box, “Macho Man” is packaged in a window box, with a backdrop behind him, and he is carefully stored in a plastic tray for transit. The bottom of the front and sides of the plastic have artwork and logos such as the phrase Snap into a Slim Jim, and the WWE Elite Collection on the sides. The back of it has an image of Randy Savage, and an advertisement for Slim Jim’s.


If you were growing up in the 1990’s, then you probably know all about “Macho Man” Randy Savage and his Slim Jim commercials of the early 1990’s, where he would advertisement the product and tell you to Snap into a Slim Jim. This was during the height of the Golden Age of Wrestling, where many of you reading were sure to be watching Wrestling during this era. This outfit was unique to the commercial, but he did wear similar outfits such as a blue and white one with the bands, and this particular costume is one of the most remembered outfits that the “Macho Man” wore during his career.



The outfit includes a fabric jacket that is red, yellow and black, with the jacket mostly in red, with yellow patterns and black outlines, yellow and black sleeves, the words Snap Into It in white on the back, and bands that are yellow, black and red. The bands can touch the ground even when the arms are raised, just like his actual costume could that fans remember him wearing as part of his ring attire.


While the jacket is removable, the pants remain and are also red and yellow patterns, which as though it looks like the yellow is melting on his hips and legs, and he has plastic yellow and red bands over his black boots.



The hat and glasses are removable, and have a great likeness to the commercial that we all remember. The hat is red with yellow patterns and black lining on them, a the glasses are yellow and black on the shades, and red around it. These accessories fit nicely on his head, as previously seen on other “Macho Man” figures, and these are also repainted from other releases. Once removed, you see that the head sculpt is also reused from previously offered figures, but it’s still a great likeness. He has long black hair, a sculpted mustache, beard, and nicely done facial details. The glasses rest on the face by inserting the temples into the grooves that’s located under the hair.



“Macho Man’s”  flesh tone is nicely done, and the torso is also reused with muscular details as previously offered. The gloves on the hands are painted in yellow, and leaves the fingers in the flesh tone.

The articulation is standard for the Elite Collection, which includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ab crunch, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double hinged knees, swivel boots/calves, and hinged rocker ankles.


Also included with Randy Savage are two boxes of Slim Jim’s. The individual Slim Jim’s are sculpted to the box, and cannot be removed. This includes a nicely done printed labels as shown, with the Slim Jim logo and other details. These fit perfectly into the hands of the “Macho Man,” or some other wrestlers with open hand sculpts.

Overall, “Macho Man” Randy Savage is an excellent figure and a great idea for a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Every aspect about this release is done right, including the packaging, outfit, and accessories. Fans of 80’s and 90’s Golden Age of Wrestling won’t want to miss out on this one, as the memories of those days live on now with new WWE figures by Mattel. Make sure to add this to your collection this Summer.


Entertainment Earth – Pre-Orders for the figure begin June 18th

San Diego Comic Con Mattel Booth July 17th through July 21st



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