Playmobil 70175 Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set Figures Review


This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters 2, and in celebration of this film, Playmobil is offering a number of sets and new figures. Playmobil’s 2019 Ghostbusters line-up includes the 70170 Ecto-1A, 70175 Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set and the 6″ Collector’s Edition Figures. This special edition Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set includes the four main Ghostbusters in their 1984 Ghostbusters uniforms, including a Slimed Peter Venkman.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their 70175 Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set for review. 

Availability: June 2019

The Playmobil 70175 Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set is packaged in a window box with each of the Ghostbusters shown on the front, along with the logo and artwork, artwork on the sides, and an image of the figures in action poses and artwork on the back.

Each of the Ghostbusters are sculpted in the Playmobil figure style, and are painted in their light tan uniform. The uniform includes great detail painted/printed  over the tan, such as the belt, name badge, zipper down his chest, coat pockets with zipper, pants pocket with zipper, elbow pads, and the Ghostbusters logo on the right shoulder. The figures all share the same sculpts and printed labels as name badges and other details mentioned above. The head sculpts include different facial expressions and unique hair pieces, such as Egon including his glasses, and Ray Stanz comes with Ecto Goggles on top of his head that was offered with previous releases. Peter comes with slimed deco with green slime over his uniform from the famous scene when Slimer flew into him in the hallway of the hotel. Each of the Ghostbusters includes a Proton Pack and Neutrino Wand, Ghost Trap, a PKE Meter, stackable silicone slime slasher (green slime) that can be placed on and of the Ghostbusters, and a walkie talkie.

If you have already purchased the Ecto-1, which includes Winston, the Ghostbusters Firehouse, which includes Ray, Venkman and Terror Dogs 4-pack, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man that also includes Ray, and the Spengler and Ghost 2-pack, then this set doesn’t really offer you something that you don’t already have. There doesn’t appear to be any changes in the deco from the 2017 releases to this new 4-pack, which is good to have the set of figures all in one box if you choose not to purchase all of these other sets as mentioned above. If you do, the good news is that the 2017 offerings are all on sale right now on

Overall, this is an excellent set that fans will enjoy, and goes great with the rest of their Ghostbusters line-up currently available. The figures all look great and we’re especially fond of the Ghostbusters 1984 uniforms, which offered together in this box set for the first time.


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