NECA Toys New York Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive – Batman & Joker Alien, Green Lantern & Sinestro Corps Predator 2-Pack Figures Review


NECA Toys continues to impress the community with their convention offerings, and this years New York Comic-Con will see four figures that you would want to own, this includes the Batman vs. Alien 2-pack, and the Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Corps Predator 2-pack figures inspired from the DC Comics/Dark Horse Comics crossover events. Just like this years San Diego Comic-Con 2019 exclusives – Armored Batman vs. Predator, and Superman vs. Alien. The SDCC exclusives were some of this years most popular exclusives right up there with the Turtles set, and we expect the NYCC exclusives to be just as popular and a fast sell out each day.

These 2-packs will be offered for sale at the NECA Toys booth #110 and will be sold individually for $60. Each day will see limited number of sets sold, and once that inventory sells through, you’ll have to go back the next day and try to obtain these figures.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their New York Comic-Con 2019 Exclusive – Batman & Alien, Green Lantern & Sinestro Corps Predator 2-Pack Figures for review. 

Availability: New York Comic-Con – October 3rd – 6th, 2019

These figures are packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with the front of the box featuring the logo’s of the characters, and the rest of it all in black. The figures are displayed in plastic trays with their accessories around them.

DC Comics fans have been waiting several years for news on the release of the Batman and Joker 2-pack as they were first revealed a few years ago. If you’re attending New York Comic-Con, you will have the opportunity to purchase this set along with Green Lantern and a Sinestro Corps Predator 2-pack.


The Green Lantern vs Sinestro Corps Predator box set is based on 2008 story arc of the Green Lantern comic book, in white the Yautja join the Sinestro Corps to attack the Earth, armed now with power rings. The Sinestro Corps Predator is already a popular figure even before his release, as it helps fill in the void from the Sinestro Corps figure collection offered in Mattel’s DC lines and various releases from DC Collectibles as the Sinestro Corps comics were new. This figure keeps the great Predator sculpt that fans are used too, and includes some newly tooled armor, including the Sinestro Corps logo on his chest all with a yellow wash over it. The figure includes a shoulder mounted cannon that is made of translucent yellow plastic to look like a construct, as well as interchangeable hands, sword, spear, Shuriken, interchangeable head sculpt, and a sheath for the sword on his back that is also made to look like a construct. On both of the left hands is a yellow ring sculpted on, and also stands out a bit compared to the other rings. The detail on this figure is incredible and fits in great with any DC collection.


Green Lantern Hal Jordan also comes in this box set and pays a great likeness to the comic. The figure is in his green and black uniform with the white and green Green Lantern logo on his chest, white gloves, and a green mask over his face with white eyes. Hal comes with an assortment of accessories, including interchangeable hands, with two right hands, a hand with the ring, and a hand that the features a hole where the ring would be to plug in the constructs. He also has a open and closed fisted left hands, a lamp and three constructs. A Jon Stewart head is also included so you can create two different characters using one figure base, which also has a great likeness to the character. On this figure there is the issue to paint chipping when you swap out the hands, so be wary of that.


The Batman and Predator set is based on the 1999 Batman/Aliens comic book mini-series co-published by DC Comics and Dark Horse. In the series, Batman faces strange new Aliens produced using DNA from some of Arkham Asylum’s deadliest inmates.


The Joker Predator uses a Xenomorph Alien body and is repainted to resemble the Joker, with a white wash, red tail, red deco on the lips and retractable mouth, as well as a green dome on the top of his head. The deco used looks great and all with metallic colors, and the sculpt includes long fingers for grabbing as well as a bendable tail. The tail is needed to help the figure stand, as the two feet and legs aren’t enough to support the weight and size of the figure.


Batman also has a great sculpt and is painted in his grey and blue batsuit, with a blue cowl, gloves, trunks and boots. He also has the yellow and black logo on his chest in an oval, a utility belt with a gold buckle and brown belt. The fabric cape is long enough to cover the shoulders and most of the front of the body, which looks great to pose. The cape is very similar to the Batman with armor figure that was offered this year at San Diego Comic-Con, and also shown in the gallery below.

Overall, NECA Toys has once again outdone themselves with convention exclusives and the Batman vs. Joker Alien, and Green Lantern vs. Sinestro Corps Predator figures are surely going to be one of this years hottest and sought after exclusives. The figure sculpts all are beyond impressive and these fit in well with their other DC offerings from SDCC year. Make sure to grab yourself a set at the show, open it up and enjoy it. These will be on sale at the NECA Toys booth from October 3rd-6th, with limited inventory sold each day until its gone, so get there early!

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