NECA Toys Halloween 2018 Michael Myers 1/4″ Scale Figure Review


Halloween is upon us, and NECA Toys are offering several new Michael Myers figures that are released around the same time. This includes this 1/4″ scale release inspired from last years cinematic release, the Halloween 2 – 7″ scale Ultimate Michael Myers figure,  and the Halloween Movie 2018 Michael Myers 8″ Clothed Figure. For fans of the franchise, as well as NECA collectors, this is a gift as it’s been too long since we’ve seen this character offered, which is a character also needed to go along with their other iconic horror cinematic characters also offered in the Ultimate line. The 1/4″ scale release is a scaled up version of the 7″ scale Halloween 2018 figure offered earlier this year, and the larger figure offered much more movie authentic detail and likeness than you can get in a smaller scaled figure.

In 2018, Michael Myers returned to the cinema to once again captive audiences and horror movie goers. This film was a sequel to the original 1978 classic Halloween Movie, which saw the return of star Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her iconic role once more as well as the original co-creator John Carpenter as a composer, executive producer, and creative consultant. The film sees Michael Myersreturn to the Haddonfield 40 years after his original night of terror, and ignores every film that came after it.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Halloween 2018 Michael Myers 1/4″ Scale Figure for review. 

Availability: August 2019

Michael Myers is packaged in a window box that has artwork inspired from the film, including images of him on the front, sides, back as well as a brief bio.


Michael Myers stands at roughly 19″ tall and has a realistic movie look and design. The blue jumpsuit has a realistic looking deco and design to them as well, with realistic threads and hem lines, this figure almost looks like he came right out of the movie screen. The jumpsuit has a wash over it as well as a bullet wound with blood on the upper right side of his chest, and there is no exit wound on the back meaning that the bullet must be inside him. Underneath the jumpsuit is a blue shirt that is lighter than the jumpsuit, and has a collar around it. The jumpsuit also includes realistic folds, pockets on the front of the shirt, side pockets, and back of the pants. The hip design breaks up the overalls and allows a lot of range of motion.  The wash is offered throughout the sculpt of the jumpsuit, and it gives is a dirty look and looks worn. The pants rests over his black boots, which include nicely done details including shoe laces, soles, and various other details that makes them look realistic.


His head sculpt is where a lot of the detail works well with the 1/4″ scale figure, which includes his iconic white mask, and this has a lot of black lines, marks, paint washes and some wear and tear to it that makes it look realistic to the film. The hair is painted brown wish a black wash over it, and individually sculpted with textures. The eyes are shown through the mask, with the left eye looking white, his eyes look as a cold as they do in the movie.

His articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed hips, hinged-swivel knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Michael Myers comes with several accessories including a knife, hammer, a victim’s head and interchangeable hands. The left hand has four different interchangeable hands to choose from, including one with two missing fingers, two open hands and one hand that can hold the knife or hammer accessory. The victim’s head is disgusting, as the brain and all of the intestines were cut out and all that remains is the face, hair and neck. The inside of it is now hollow, and you can see through the eyes, nose, mouth and the bottom of the neck. There are blood stains everywhere, including the inside of the head.

Overall, NECA Toys have once again answered the calls of their fanbase and collectors and have given another great horror icon the plastic treatment, which came out exceptionally well. The figure has a realistic likeness to the film, great accessories, and he fits in with the rest of the 1/4″ scale collection. Michael Myers can be mostly found online, including the stores listed below:


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