Diamond Select Toys Marvel Animated Minimates Series 10 & 11 Hit Walgreens, Plus Maximum Venom

Diamond Select Toys sent along a press release announcing the release of the Marvel Animated Minimates Series 10 and 11 are available as Walgreens Exclusives. In addition, they are also offering Minimates of Maximum Venom.

Additional Minimates and Diamond Select Toys products are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStore, Megalopolis: City Of Collectibles, Hobby Link JapanThings From Another World and Amazon.com.

It’s official – new Marvel Animated Minimates have hit Walgreens! More heroes and villains from the Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy are now available as 2-inch Minimates mini-figures, in exclusive designs only available at Walgreens stores!

Series 10 features four two-packs from across the Marvel animated universe, including:

  • From Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars, Crimson Widow with Dracula, and Doctor Strange with Ghost Rider
  • From Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Rocket with Adam Warlock
  • From Marvel’s Spider-Man, Venom with Hammerhead. This is the first Hammerhead Minimate ever made!

Series 11 is hitting simultaneously, with four all-new two-packs. The assortment includes:

  • From Marvel’s Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man with Peter Parker, and Spider-Girl with Doctor Octopus;
  • From Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest, Black Panther with Shuri, and Captain America with Peggy Carter

Plus, Walgreens is also selling two 2-packs based on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Maximum Venom! The assortment includes:

  • Symbiote Spider-Man with Venomized Hulk
  • Venom with Venomized Captain America

Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figures features fully interchangeable parts and comes with a clear display base.

Find a Walgreens store at Walgreens.com!