NECA Toys Trick ‘r Treat 7″ Scale Ultimate Sam Figure Review


NECA Toys has released their Trick ‘r Treat 7″ Scale Ultimate Sam Figure, which is based on the classic 2007 film. Sam is the second modern horror iconic character to join the Ultimate line, while Michael Myers (2018) was the first.  Sam was originally introduced in the 3 minute animated short Season’s Greetings by Trick ‘r Treat writer and director Michael Dougherty in 1996 and was the precursor of the film. The film featured Sam as a little boy dressed in orange footy pajamas with his burlap sack head covering, as he is being stalked by a stranger on Halloween night. In 2017, the character was introduced to movie goers in a live-action cinematic release.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Trick ‘r Treat 7″ Scale Ultimate Sam Figure for review.

Availability: November 2019

Sam is packaged in a window box with a nicely done foil cover with artwork from the movie on the front and sides, and images of the figure on the back. The inside flap also has an image of the figure, and the figure is stored in a plastic tray along with his accessories.


Sam now joins the Ultimate line-up of horror icons and is based on his appearance in the Trick ‘r Treat film. The figure stands at under 5″ tall and is sculpted and painted in his orange footy pajamas with yellow patches sewn on the front, with tattered brown gloves. The costume has a dark wash over it that gives it the impression of being dirty. The mask and gloves are given a different texture than the costume, and the mask also has a wash with sewn stitches, buttons for eye balls, and a rope around his neck to keep the sack on his head.


Each of his four interchangeable heads are based on the scenes from the film. This includes two heads with the sacks on top, with one of them with an open mouth to eat the lollipop, and two unmasked head sculpts, with one of them having a punctured hole in the front with what looks like hair coming down his face. This head sculpt also has the appearance of a pumpkin, with triangular carved eye sockets and nose, and his eyes are as black as night, and both of these heads have a hinged jaw. In the film, Sam was seen bitting and clawing at his victims, so this feature can be recreated with the figure using one of these head sculpts.


Sam is given an assortment of accessories from the film, and includes a interchangeable hand to hold the lollipop, a severed hand, trick or treat sack, and a chocolate candy bar knife he used to stab people with. There are also two Jack O Lanterns, with the one with the flame on top featuring a light-up effect that activates by pressing down on the flame.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, double jointed elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, Sam is an absolute great figure and a welcome addition to the Ultimate line. The figure features a great likeness to the film with a great selection of accessories. Before the holiday is upon is this month, make sure to pick this up as a gift for yourself or someone else. There is nothing wrong with the Spirit of Halloween under your tree this year. You can find him now at select retailers, or support us and our valued sponsors and partners by purchasing Sam and other products from them directly. See stores below.


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