Entertainment Earth – Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ Fantastic Four – Super Skull Wave In-Stock


Entertainment Earth has an in-stock listing of Hasbro’s Marvel Legends 6″ Fantastic Four – Super Skull Wave, which is priced at $165.99 with free U.S. shipping.

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Get things off to a great start by picking up these Fantastic Four Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures! Both kid and adult Marvel fans can launch a legendary collection of comic- and movie-based Marvel characters with these 6-inch tall figures loaded with articulation and ready to make a splash with fans of all ages. Plus, there’s a build-a-figure piece of Super Skrull! Ages 4 and up.

The Fantastic Four Marvel Legends 6-Inch Action Figures Wave 1 Case contains 8 individually packaged figures:
1x Mr. Fantastic
1x Human Torch
2x Thing
1x Invisible Woman
1x Hulk
2x Doctor Doom

Mr. Fantastic

Reed Richards is a brilliant scientist with the ability to stretch his body into any shape.

Human Torch

Johnny Storm can transform his body into incredibly hot plasma, control fire, and fly.


Bombarded by cosmic rays, Ben Grimm develops thick, orange skin and superhuman strength.

Invisible Woman

Sue Storm has the ability to bend light, making herself and others invisible.


Jennifer Walters struggles to control her anger, and keep the powerful Hulk at bay.

Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom uses his incredible intelligence and mystical abilities to oppose the Fantastic Four