NECA Toys Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie GameStop Exclusive Wave 2 Figures Review


NECA Toys are bringing back their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie “The Capture Of Splinter” Figures are being as GameStop exclusives for anyone that missed out on last years San Diego Comic-Con box set, which we know many of you did as that sold out almost immediately each day.

These figures are offered as individual releases and there are even some changes to Splinter, Shredder and the Foot Soldiers that gives them a better likeness, and one of the major differences to the SDCC set and the GameStop exclusives is the absence of the Weapons Rack, which will remain exclusive to Comic-Con, as well as the removable of the shackles and chains on Splinter. The rest of the accessories are offered between these single packaged figures. The absence of the Weapons Rack will probably be ok with most fans, as they are just so happy to have a chance to obtain these figures. Most toy companies don’t offer you another opportunity to own the convention exclusives, especially 7 months after the show. This is what separates NECA in the eyes of Turtles fans, as they strive to deliver these figures in the hands to as many customers as they can, and not feeding into the secondary market inflated prices of comic-con exclusives.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie GameStop Exclusive “The Capture Of Splinter” Figures for review. 

Availability: February 2020 at Gamestop in U.S.; coming soon for international customers at select distributors/retailers.

The figures are packaged on single carded window boxes, with film artwork on the front, figure images on the sides, images of waves 1 and 2, a description on the back. The accessories and figures are secured in plastic trays, with some of the accessories having a plastic cover over them to keep them in place. Shredder’s cape is located behind him in a plastic bag.



In the past few years NECA Toys has been diving into the Turtles franchise in a big way, with convention exclusives, store exclusive and wide range distribution figures that fans have been going crazy for. This wave is no exception to all of the hype that this line is getting, as it gives so many fans an opportunity to own these figures. Even if you have the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set, you will most likely want to buy these as well for the changes in deco, as the likenesses have only improved in a short amount time. Splinter’s new deco is easy to spot, as his soft-goods robe has more of a wash on it, and the deco on his fur is darker with a better wash on it as well. His eyes are even painted better, and the removable of the shackles and chain on his biceps and across his back was the very first thing we noticed even before comparing the figures in person. This helps to identify the figure, as well as to give comic-con attendees something exclusive if you had the privilege to pick one of these up at the booth or online before the show.


The sculpt is the same, and he may have some difficulty standing depending on how you place his bendable tail. the bandages on his ankles and feet have more of a grey, and much less of a wash than the SDCC version, and his hands also have more of a darker wash than the SDCC version. The removable of the shackles and the chains gives him more range of motion in his shoulders and arms, which is a great update and now you can base this figure on the movies and not just one particular scene(s).Included with Splinter is a can of mutagen, a pizza slice and a nunchuck.


Shredder is another figure that has a much better likeness with this updated deco he’s been given. The scar on his face has more attention to detail and the washes to a better job to give you a more screen accurate version than the SDCC release had (in the gallery, you can identify the new version without his cape, and the SDCC with his came).



The red part of the has less of the glitter deco and his cloth belt is also darker. In addition, his eyes are more detailed and the likeness and the expression on his face is more like-like. The sculpt is the same, including the sculpted textures on his shirt, sculpted textures on the forearms and shin guards, as well as the very fragile blades. The cape is still very hard to put on and off as the clip around his neck is hard to loop the hook through. For display purposes, the cape works great if you can get it to around his neck, but he also looks really good without it.

Included with Shredder is a staff with pointy ends, a knife and holster, a fabric cape, and three sets of the interchangeable hand sculpts (three with blades for his left hand, and three regular hands for his right hand).


The Foot Soldier is also updated with the pants given more of a wash over it compared to the SDCC version. The cloth belt is also darker and the symbol on the bandana doesn’t have the silver deco around it. The single package release offers you the ability to army build that the SDCC did not offer, and this may be one of the most sought after army builder figures of the year.


There are two different Foot Soldiers offered in the single pack, and while the sculpts are the same, the accessories are different. All of these accessories came with the SDCC set, and includes six interchangeable hand sculpts, which includes two closed fisted, two open fisted hands that can hold the accessories, and two open hands. Also included is an axe, a sword, nightstick, 2 sais, bo staff, and two different nunchucks.


Overall, these are great times to be a Turtles fan and these figures are the definitive versions of the 1990’s movie that you need to own. The likenesses are better with some of the best updated deco we’ve seen on these. Even if you have the SDCC set, it is recommended that you go pick these up as well, as you won’t be disappointed. NECA has said that they will be offering Turtles figures for the foreseeable future, which only means more great figures are on the horizon, and we should see more of what’s to come at New York ToyFair 2020. This is a great time to be a turtles fan! Cowabunga!



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