Diamond Select Toys – The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 8 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys are now offering their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 8 Figures, which includes Burnt Santa Jack, Small Vampire with Hellgamire, and Short Vampire with Zeldaborn. Each figure comes with part of the Halloween Town guillotine environment, which were also included with Series 7.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 8 figures for review.

Availability: January 2020

Each figure is packaged on the standard blister card, with nicely done artwork and images on the front and sides, and on the back is a look at the figures as well as the diorama.


Burnt Santa Jack is given an updated sculpt compared to Santa Jack that was offered back in 2016. He is sculpted in his Santa suit with parts of the suit burnt and given black deco to indicate the burn marks on the chest, back, arms and legs. His head sculpt includes the skeletal design as seen with the first Jack figure offered in this line. The articulation is the same as previously seen, and the sculpt is on the fragile side As seen with other tall figures like this, he comes with an acrylic figure stand and base so he can stand.


The Short Vampire is one of four Vampires that are offered in series 7 and 8, and like the others, he comes in his black outfit with arms that look like a bats wings. His head sculpt is nicely done with great vampire features, and he has the hood behind his head. His hands are also skinny and the left one can swap out for the hand holding the umbrella.

The Short Vampire is packaged along with Zeldaborn, and also included is the floor of the Halloween Town guillotine environment.


Zeldaborn is one of two witches offered in this wave, and she is the shortest of the two. She is sculpted in a black witches outfit with white buttons on the front, white stripes on the arms, white stripes on her thighs, and a green flesh tone with a giant wart on her nose. The facial details are excellent and she has a great likeness. The hat is sculpted on her head and has a green stripe on top. Included is her broom.


The Small Vampire is one of the taller and thinner Vampires being offered, and the body comes in two separate pieces in the packaging that you need to snap it together. The inside is hollow, just like Snowman Jack, and the arms and head and not proportional to his size, just like in the film. The head is tiny, but has a great likeness with vampire features, and the arms also have the vampire wings design. The arms for both of the vampire figures, and in wave 8, are also on the fragile side and can only swivel, so be careful and mindful of this. His left hand can swap out with the hand holding the umbrella.


The Vampires look great together and fit in nicely with the collection. It’s great to have the umbrella’s offered, which are made of a soft plastic.


Hellgamire is the tallest of the witches offered in this wave, and is sculpted in a black dress, with long grey hair in the back, green sleeves, a black hat, and a grey skin tone. Her facial details are also captured as she was seen in the film.



The broom’s can be leaned in their hands, and not held onto. These may be prone to falling over if the figure is moved, so be weary of that.  The Small Vampire and Hellgamire come with two pieces of the Halloween Town guillotine environment.


If you purchased series 7 and 8, you will be able to build the bonus Halloween Town guillotine environment that is used as a diorama display. The sculpt on this is amazingly detailed and is now our personal favorite of the diorama sets offered in this line so far. The stones include a wash over them, which is nicely done, and the details on the pumpkins on top, including the sculpted faces came out exceptionally well. The guillotine is the tallest part of the diorama and there is a removable basket resting below it. The diorama also includes small stairs in front leading up to the basket and guillotine. The deco matches the movie likeness exceptionally well with the black and grey applications.

Overall, this is an excellent wave with some excellent sculpting and attention to detail, as well as a great likeness to the figures. Burnt Santa Jack, the Vampires and Witches all came out great, and the Halloween Town guillotine environment is beyond amazing. At the prince point of $24.99 each, you cannot go wrong and do yourself a favor and pick up both waves. Look for this wave now at our valued sponsors and partners below.


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