Mattel – WWE Elite Top Talent 2019 AJ Styles, Finn Balor & Seth Rollins Figures Review


Mattel’s popular WWE line-up offered a new assortment of Top Talent last year, that included Aj Styles, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman. Each of these figures includes some unique deco and sculpting that is offered in this wave.



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Availability: 2019

AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Seth Rollins are packaged on blister cards in the Top Talent line of 2019, with logo’s on the front, images of the wrestlers on the sides, and images on the back along with a brief description.

AJ Styles is given a new ring attire soft plastic vest with nicely done deco that says “There Can Be Only 1,” with this name below that. His head sculpt has been used before but includes a good likeness with the facial likeness and details. His ring attire includes black, neon green and white deco, with his trademark Phenomenal text on the left boot, and the number 1 on the right boot. He also has the P1 logo on his right hip, and the AJ text on the left. His right elbow pad is made of a soft plastic with the P1 logo, His wrists includes bands with the black and neon green deco, and his name in green. There is also a black band painted on his left forearm. His black knee pads are also made of a soft plastic to allow the knees to bend. Included with AJ Styles are an interchangeable hands with the P1 logo, and a Championship belt.

Seth Rollins comes with a great new grinning head sculpt that is unique to this release, with nicely done facial details, and long black hair down his shoulders, a sculpted beard and mustache. His ring attire includes a soft goods shirt with velcro on the back that is easy to remove, with red and white text and shapes on the front that says Monday Night Rollins. His wrists have the painted black bandages, and his legs are painted in black, neon green stripes on the front and back of his legs, neon green knee pads that are made of soft plastic, and neon green on the front of the boots. His chest hair is nicely painted on, and the tattoo on his back is nicely detailed. Included are interchangeable hands.

Finn Balor comes in the molded black leather jacket that is detailed with zippers, pockets, and sculpted folds. The sleeves of the arms are molded and the arms can’t move with the jacket on. His head sculpt is nicely detailed with short brown hair, and nicely done facial details with a sculpted beard and mustache. Finn Balor comes in silver shorts, silver and black knee pads, silver and black boots, and wrist bands painted in black. His muscular physique is nicely detailed, and its also reused from a previous figure. Included are interchangeable hands.

Overall, Mattel’s Top Talent 2019 figures are nicely done with excellent details, great likenesses and accessories. With the new details, accessories, and especially Seth Rollins’ head sculpt, these are definitely worth adding to your collection.


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