Hasbro Marvel Legends Fantastic Four 6″ Doctor Doom Figure In Retro Packaging Pre-Orders

Hasbro released solicitations and pre-orders of their upcoming Marvel Legends Fantastic Four 6″ Doctor Doom figure are available now, and he is expected to ship in November 2020. This figure is packaged on retro artwork inspired from the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series toy line by Toy Biz. Dr. Doom includes interchangeable hands, the Ultimate Nullifier, two books, a pistol, and effects pieces.

Pre-Orders are available on Entertainment Earth, BigBadToyStoreZavvi UK, Zavvi U.S./Canada and Amazon.

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This collectible 6-inch-scale Dr. Doom figure was inspired by the Fantastic 4 comics and includes 10 Dr. Doom-inspired accessories including the Ultimate Nullifier weapon. This Marvel Vintage Collection classic action figure also features packaging inspired by Marvel comics and vintage Fantastic 4 toys.