Wizkids – Marvel HeroClix Galactus Devourer Of Worlds Premium Colossal Figure Review


Wizkids is offering a special release this year with their Galactus Premium Colossal Figure, and the feedback for this has been astonishing from the fanbase. The initial release already sold out, and the second production run is likely also going to sell out quickly. This is their special release of the year and Galactus is a great choice for the line.

Marvel Heroclix is a miniatures game that uses the Clix system that centers on the world of superhero comic books. Along with Galactus, we’re taking a look at a case of the Fantastic Four HeroClix miniature figures that are also available. The scale of this line works extremely well with Galactus, and there are 70 different characters in this assortment. A case comes with 5 figures per box, and 50 figures total, and we have a look at what was offered below.

Official description –

The Devourer of Worlds draws near! As Galactus’ hunger grows, his next target is revealed: the HeroClix tabletop! This Marvel HeroClix Galactus Devourer of Worlds Premium Colossal Figure is specially sculpted with detail pushed beyond anything ever seen in HeroClix. Measuring more than a foot tall, he towers over the tabletop and includes an alternate helmetless head to display. The specially designed book-flap box cover helps show gorgeous comic-art from a distance while giving a full view of the figure upon opening the cover. Windows in the top and side of the box let light in to show all the exquisite details.

Galactus delivers enormous depth of play in addition to a stunning representation of one of Marvel’s most beloved cosmic characters. He boasts a 6-inch x 3-inch base with 4 dials. Two of those dials represent Galactus himself (for 32 clicks of health), and he has two special dials – a Herald Dial to let another character serve him and a never-before-seen Elemental Converter Dial that allows Galactus to devour the map!

No matter what size HeroClix game you’re looking to play, Galactus will be a great addition to it. He’s got 6 point values, you can play him as himself from 750 to 100, or just utilize the Herald dial at 25 points. On his top-dial, he’s an 11 range, 15 attack, 21 defense, 8 damage force of nature! Galactus is a return to old-school HeroClix colossal figures that take a few friends to defeat. Will you face him head-to-head or alongside allies? The fate of the Earth rests in your hands!

Thank you to Wizkids for providing their Galactus Devourer Of Worlds Premium Colossal Figure and the Fantastic Four HeroClix Booster Brick figures for review. 

Availability: September 2020


The Premium Colossal Galactus Figure is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with nicely done artwork of the character on the front, windows on either side, and on the back includes artwork of Galactus with both head sculpts that he comes with, and a description. The inside flap also includes some great artwork inspired from the comics.


Galactus is this years largest figure offered in the Marvel HeroClix line and they have done a remarkable job on the sculpt and deco of this figure. Galactus stands at 14 1/2″ tall x 17″ wide with the long blast effect in his hand, and is sculpted and painted in his classic blue and purple armor with metallic silver deco covering some of the cybernetic pieces of his body (over by the neck area) and costume. The figure is remarkably detailed, and the likeness to the comics is some of the best sculpting we’ve seen considering the low price point and high end detail given to him.

Galactus is some some metallic deco on the purple areas of the of the armor, which is nice shiny finish that makes him stand out at the center of the table for the HeroClix game, or on a shelf surrounded by other statues and figures. Galactus features two head sculpts, one that is helmeted, and the other that has the helmet removed and shows some great detail of his head, including the cybernetic components on the back of his head that we mentioned earlier. The un-helmeted head also has effects on the sides of his eyes, which looks great. This is done by orange translucent plastic, as are the blast effects in his hands. Galactus also includes an interchangeable blast effect that plugs into his left hand, which has a peg sticking out of the palm to plug the effect into.

The base for Galactus is also nicely done and includes rocks and rubble as if he’s on a surface of an astroid or a moon. There are also dials and detailed information for the HeroClix game on the sides of the base, and if you play the game, you’ll know how to use it.

To further along this review, we did an unboxing and review of the Fantastic Four Booster Brick and Fast Forces 6-Pack that you can check out in the video above. The Booster Brick includes a case assortment of 5o figures, 5 in each box, and there are some duplicates between the box as well as the Fast Forces 6-Pack. You can check out what characters we showcased in the video.


Overall, Galactus is a terrific figure and a definitely need to add to your collection. Marvel fans will surely love this, and the scale works so well with the Heroclix figures, and better than any other toy line on the market. This Galactus figure is also a cheaper alternative compared to some of the high-end statues out of there of this character, and you cannot beat the $99.99 price point. Just note, this is more of a statue than a figure, as he does not have any points of articulation, so just be aware of that.


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