Playmobil 70318 Ghostbusters Play Box Review


This year will see a single Ghostbusters release from Playmobil that joins their already impressive line-up that they’ve been offering in the past couple of years. The Ghostbusters Play Box includes 67 pieces and can also fold up as a carrying case. Inside, it is a diorama of the interiors of the Ghostbusters Firehouse, but is not compatible with the Firehouse playset itself that was previously released. This set includes slimed Peter Venkmen, Slimer, and interior details such as a window with a desk and chair below it, the Containment Unit, and a rack that can hold accessories.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Ghostbusters Play Box for review.



Availability: September 2020

The Ghostbusters Play Box is packaged in the standard box with some nicely done artwork of the set on the front and an action shot of Peter Venkmen firing his proton stream at Slimer, a look of it closed up into a carrying case, and a look at all the interior details. The back gives you a look at all of the accessories, and some more artwork of the set.


The Ghostbusters Play Box includes interior details from the Ghostbusters Firehouse, including the Containment Unit that features a opening door to put the trap in, an office setting with a desk, chair and phone, and a rack that can hold accessories that is included. The Containment Unit is very similar to the one that came with the Ghostbusters Firehouse, but is narrower as it fits into the side.


The office has some of the same furniture that the Firehouse has, such as the phone, chair, desk and and glassware with chemicals inside. The backdrop is a cardboard insert and includes a window that indicates this room is an upper level as you can see rooftops. There are also posters and, bricks and other items on the walls.


The set includes Slimed Peter Venkmen, and Slimer, which are both reissued as they have seen releases in this line. Peter includes a proton pack, a Neutrona Wand, a proton stream and a ghost trap. Also included is a camera with a tripod, Magnifying Glass, PKE Meter, walks talky, a flashlight, fire¬†extinguisher, and four pieces of slime as previously seen with other sets. The slime in this set is stuck together and I wasn’t able to spread it apart, which is why you only see two pieces in the photogallery.


The Play Box is not compatible with the Firehouse, but can fit inside as shown above. You can also see the differences between the two Containment Units.


Lastly, this can also close up and become a carrying case, and you can store all of the pieces and figures inside for easy transportation and storage.

Overall, the Ghostbusters Play Box is a fun set to have and makes a great display piece that goes along with other Ghostbusters sets and figures. For this set, it’ll be best to place it next to the Firehouse or near it as it has some interior details. This is great for all ages, especially if you’re a fan of this franchise. With Ghostbusters: Afterlife on the horizon next year, the property is going to be hot once again and we’re hoping to see more sets based on that film in this line.


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