Diamond Select Toys SDCC 2020 Exclusive – The Nightmare Before Christmas Oggie’s Lair Box Set Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con, Diamond Select Toys offered an exclusive The Nightmare Before Christmas Oggie’s Lair Box Set that ended up being sold online as the convention was cancelled. This set offers an exclusive window box packaging that lights-up, and gives you a new deco version of Oogie Boogie, and a glow-in-the-dark Zero. Also included is Jack Skeleton and Santa Claus.

For anyone interested, you can buy this set now at Gentle Giant. They have a few sets left.

It’s Jack vs. Oogie Boogie for the fate of Santa Claus! The final showdown of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas has been captured in action-figure form, as Jack Skellington takes on that bag of bugs Oogie while Zero and Santa look on. Plus, the packaging features a working black light, so you can turn it on and watch them glow! Figures designed by Eamon O’Donoghue, sculpted by Cortes Studios. Limited to 3,000 pieces. A Diamond Select Toys release!

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their The Nightmare Before Christmas Oggie’s Lair Box Set for review. 



Availability: July 2020

The Nightmare Before Christmas Oggie’s Lair Box Set is packaged in a window box packaging with artwork similar to other sets, including images on the sides, images of the figures on the back along with a description. On the back is also a level with a Try Me Mode, Off and On to active the light-up feature, and a Try Me button.


Oggie Boogie is repainted in a bright neon green that is based on the scenes from his Lair, and the lights from the lair, and glows green because of the lights in the lair in the film. The figure pays tribute to these scenes in the film, and the green deco is extremely well done and gives the impression of him glowing, while he cannot glow-in-the-dark. The sculpt is the same as the very first release of the figure, with the sculpted texture, sculpted stitches, and the bugs seen inside his mouth.


Jack Skeleton and Zero are reissued and given some new deco, including a glow-in-the-dark feature for Zero. Jack has a grey wash on his black suit with some of the stripes still showing, and his skeletal deco is an off-white. His bat bowtie also has a wash on it that fits in with the suit, including on the wings and body. The sculpt remains to be thin and lean as seen in the film and is the same as what has come before in this line, but the wash is new for this release and offers you a new version of Jack. Zero also has a great sculpt and pays a great likeness to how he looked in the film. Both figures include a stand and base.


Santa Claus is also reissued, but given a new mouth and some new deco that makes this release stand out a bit. This mouth is closed and you see more of his teeth, whereas the previously offered figure had an open mouth. The beard also has a metallic grey wash over it, which shines under light, and if you check out the gallery, the first release had a matte finish beard. The black belt around his waist and black gloves also have a matte finish, whereas the first release had a glossy finish. The eyes on the two figures are also different as they look in direction directions, which is a small detail, but noticeable when comparing the two. The Santa Suit and the underwear are also the same and works great for him. Both are painted extremely nicely, and the sculpt remains to be a great likeness to the film.

Overall, the light-up feature on the packaging, and the new deco on the figures makes this a perfect offering for what would have been San Diego Comic-Con 2020 had the event happened, but you can still buy some at Gentle Giant (see link below). This set is a great offering and the theme to Oggie Boggie’s Lair is definitely something special for convention goers.

FYI – as we stated in the video, the back of the box (once you open it and remove the insert with the figures), has batteries inside, but overtime the batteries could leak acid as they expire. For safe keeping, it would be wise to remove the batteries from the packaging to prevent any future damage.


Gentle Giant

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