Jakks Pacific Super Mario 2.5″ Scale Cloud World Diorama Set Review

Jakks Pacific is now offering their Super Mario 2.5″ Scale Cloud World Diorama Set that is meant as a companion piece with the Cloud Diorama Playset. This set includes Propeller Mario, Para Goomba, and Bullet Bill figures, along with a rotating cloud and a flagpole. The Propeller Mario figure is a reissue, and is based on the Super Mario Bros. Wii game. In the game, Mario gets this form after using a Propeller Mushroom and its power is to propel up.



Thank you to Jakks Pacific for providing their Super Mario 2.5″ Scale Cloud World Diorama Figure Set for review. 

Availability: February 2021

The Cloud World Diorama Set is packaged in a box with artwork and images showing the set on the front, sides and back. The back also gives you a detailed look at the set, what’s included and a description.


This set is a companion piece to the Cloud Diorama Playset, and each of the figures and accessories are compatible with it. The rotating cloud and the flagpole can connect to the playset by connecting it to the pegs on the base. You know have the option to use both clouds on the playset, and figures can be placed on top of them. The flagpole has a flag showcasing Bowser on both sides, and a base, which can also slide up or down. Propeller Mario can also stand on the platform (as long as he’s standing with this own base), and you can move Mario on the base and he can go up or down with it.

Propeller Mario includes a spinning propeller on top, and is in his red suit, with white gloves, blue and white shoes, a red and white suit, and a helmet with the propeller on top. The facial details are nicely done, including his iconic mustache. He can only stand when placed the figures stand in the crouch area, as he cannot stand without it due to how he was designed and sculpted.

The Para Goomba has the appearance of a standard Goomba, with a brown head, and a face. This version includes wings that are ball jointed, and is meant to fly for this Cloud Diorama Playset. Bullet Bill is also offered, and has the shape and appearance of a bullet. He is painted in black, with white arms, white eyes, and a sticker in the back showcasing the engine.

Overall, the Cloud World Diorama Set is an excellent offering and a great companion piece to the playset. The function of the flagpole is a great addition to the set and gives you another option to customize the Cloud World Diorama Playset, and it’s recommended you buy multiples of the playset given the fact that you have all of these pieces to use for it, and all of the option to display it. The included figures and extra cloud are also great additions, so make sure to go out and buy this set, or order at one of the stores listed below:


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