Wizkids – DC Comics Heroclix – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Brick & Game Video Unboxing & Review

Wizkids – DC Comics Heroclix – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Brick & Game Video Unboxing & Review


Wizkids is offering their Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary game in the Heroclix line, and we have a look at a Booster Brick and the Starter Set Game that is coming next month. This video gives you a look at what’s coming, including an unboxing of one of the bricks, Starter Game and more.

Thank you to Wizkids for providing their DC Comics Heroclix – Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Brick & Game for review. 

Official description:


Booster Brick:

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary has more exciting Captains and Sidekicks – more than 15 in total!

Powerful female characters from across DC Comics are also featured in this set – Mary Shazam, Star Sapphire, Teen Lantern, Jessica Cruz, and Supergirl!

These figures will have IMPROVED DETAIL AND PAINT JOBS! Figures at all rarities have an upgraded look with better sculpts, more accessories, cooler energy effects, and more dynamic poses! Circe and King Shazam have never looked better! These incredible sculpts can’t be missed!

Every booster will come with 5 pre-painted figures and select boosters will come with a bonus equipment-objects like Wonder Woman’s Bracelets, the Lasso of Truth or Lantern Constructs to use on your HeroClix team!

With more than 80 figures and equipment to collect including 12 Chase figures, this is going to be one of the most exciting HeroClix sets to collect ever!

Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary is a great set for beginners since lots of Common and Uncommon figures have straightforward play that you’ll be able to bolster with other figures for more powerful play!

Brick SKU: 84000
MSRP for Brick: $149.90


Starter Game:

Wonder Woman is the Champion of Themyscira, one of the strongest people on Earth, hero to all Amazons, and a connection between Gods and mortals. What perils will face her on the HeroClix tabletop?!

You can play DC Comics HeroClix Battlegrounds: Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary as a scenario, or as part of a campaign. Best of all, it’s an easy way to learn HeroClix! With an improved rulebook and the best looking figures we’ve ever put in an intro product, this can’t be missed!

This boxed-set is a great way for 2 players to learn HeroClix!

This starter set contains everything up to 4 people need to play HeroClix (Exact game components subject to change):

  • 10 HeroClix Figures
  • 20 HeroClix Character Cards
  • 18 Object and Terrain Tokens
  • 4 Full-Color Maps
  • 2 Six-Sided dice with the Wonder Woman logo
  • 1 HeroClix Powers & Abilities Card
  • 1 HeroClix Core Rulebook
  • 1 Scenario/Campaign Rulebook

Availability: April 2021

Overall, these miniatures in the Heroclix line from Wizkids are great looking collectibles and great attention to detail, sculpt and paint. If you’re into Heroclix or DC in general, make sure to buy yourself a case or two and start collecting this line!



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