Diamond Select Toys Lord of the Rings Select Series 1 Gimli Figure Review


The Lord of the Rings is back in a new line from Diamond Select Toys, and these are inspired from 2001’s The Fellowship of the Ring. The first wave includes Legolas and Gimli, and this line comes with build-a-figure pieces to build a 13″ tall Sauron figure.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Lord of the Rings Select Series 1 Gimli Figure for review. 

Availability: April 2021

Gimli is packaged on a window box with nicely done artwork, along with windows on the sides, and images and a description on the back.


Gimli and Legolas are just the beginning of a new Lord of the Rings line by DST, and each figure includes a piece to build a 13″ Sauron figure. Gimli includes the likeness of Actor John Rhys-Davies, with a long beard that has sculpted hair, and beads at the end. The head features a helmet that has some great sculpted details, patterns and textures. He also has a pony tail in the back that is longer than the beard, with beads around it. The hair is painted in a light brown, with the helmet in gold and brown, with a wash that makes it look aged.

The outfit features armor underneath that is light grey, and includes a brown sleeveless jacket with dark brown and a black wash straps, belt and a gold belt buckle that also has a sculpted pattern. The back of the jacket a ring to hang something from, which you see a second ring on the left side of the belt. Also on the back of the belt are sculpted pouches, a rolled up sleeping bag, and a holster. The armor is also on the arms, with gold and brown shoulder pads, and brown gloves with a sculpted pattern. Below the belt, the jacket is made of soft plastic so that it won’t get in the way of the knee articulation, and there are some patterns sculpted in the black areas at the bottom on both sides. The pants are painted in a light brown with a wash, and the boots are dark brown with nicely done sculpted details.

Throughout the sculpt are various sculpted textures and patterns, which makes it look more realistic to the source material, which in this case was a live-action film.

His articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, ball jointed torso with a limited range of motion, ball jointed hips, double hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles.

Included are two sets of interchangeable hands, and three different axes. The axes cannot be stored anywhere on the body, and can only be placed in hand. He also comes with the head for Sauron, which is in a metallic silver deco with a black wash.

Overall, Gimli is a great figure and is surely an improvement over what ToyBiz had put out back in the day. The attention to detail and actor likeness has dramatically increased in quality over time, and this figure is a perfect example of what a movie figure should look like. This line seems to be popular, as it should be given the amount of detail, and even better these are compatible with other 7″ scale lines, so you’ll be able to display these LOTR figures next to other fantasy franchises, like Mythic Legions. This is surely worth adding to your collection, so make sure to grab this set, and pre-order the upcoming figures at the retailers mentioned below:


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