NECA Toys Shout Factory Exclusive My Bloody Valentine “The Miner” Figure Review

NECA Toys Shout Factory Exclusive My Bloody Valentine “The Miner” Figure Review


NECA Toys and Shot Factory are offering an exclusive My Bloody Valentine “The Miner” Figure, and is inspired from the 1981 film. This figure is limited to just 4,000 pieces made and is part of the 8″ Clothed line. The Miner includes a pickaxe, a knife, a nail gun and a heart in a box. The film follows a group of young adults who decide to throw a Valentine’s Day party, only to incur the vengeful wrath of an assailant in mining gear who begins a killing spree.

Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Shout Factory Exclusive My Bloody Valentine “The Miner” Figure for review. 

Availability: June 2021

The Miner is packaged on a retro looking window box, with artwork inspired from the film on the front, logo’s and images on the side, and images of the figure along with a description on the back.


Harry Warden “The Miner” is given the new Ultimate 8″ body with increased articulation, and includes blue overalls with stitching, including pockets on the front, velcro also on the front, a brown tool belt with two two belts, three belt buckles with a battery and a box that the vacuum pipe is attached too. The gas mask includes some blood splatter on the nose and goggles, and includes metallic silver deco, and a black mask and head covering. The vacuum pipe is attached to the mouth piece and is made of a soft plastic. There is also a flash light on top, with metallic silver deco, and red around the rim, and there is a black wire that is also made of a soft plastic attached to the back, and attaches to the battery on the belt. The flashlight is attached to the black hard hat, which is non-removable. He is also given black gloves and boots with a paint wash over it, that makes it look worn and dirty.


Included is a pickaxe, with a black handle and a black blade, a knife with a metallic silver blade and black handle, a nail gun with metallic silver and black and a human heart inside a heart shaped valentines box that would normally carry chocolate inside.


The box is painted in orange, yellow, with a red ribbon, white flowers, and white inside with a blood splattered human heart. The heart is nicely sculpted and detailed to resemble a real heart, and all of the accessories are equally as impressive with the attention to detail, realistic look and deco.

Overall, The Minor is an excellent figure with a great likeness to the film, great quality and attention to details, and accessories. Slasher fans and NECA horror collectors will surely want to add this figure to your collection, however, he is sold out at Shout Factory, so you’ll have to buy it off of eBay.


Shout Factory – Sold Out


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