EE – Hasbro Ghostbusters Fright Feature Ghost Figures Wave 1 In-Stock


Entertainment Earth has an in-stock listing of Hasbro’s newly released and popular Ghostbusters Fright Feature Ghost Figures, which is listed as a case of 4 for $43.99. These figures feature the popular fight feature, which was first offered from Kenner in their Real Ghostbusters line. You can order this by clicking HERE!

Additional Ghostbusters figures can be found here.

Who ya gonna call? Not Ghostbusters Fright Feature Ghost Action Figures – they’re the ones haunting the place! With creepy pop-out features, you’ll want to call the Ghostbusters on these articulated plastic ghostly menaces. The Case includes 4 individually packaged action figures:
2x Muncher
1x Slimer
1x Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man