Diamond Select Toys Transformers Minimates Wave 2 Figure Review


Diamond Select Toys newly released Transformers Minimates line is a hit amongst fans and collectibles of both brands, allowing them to collect at a smaller scale, and these are also compatible with all other Minimates figures ever release as they share the same block figure sculpts with parts placed over it. This wave includes Megatron, Soundwave, Blaster and Grimlock, and is available now at your local comic shop and online retailer. Get caught up and check out the review for wave 1.

Starting this year, DST will no longer be offering Minimates as 2-packs, and they have made the move to only offering 4-packs as we’ve seen with brands such as Marvel, Transformers, G.I. Joe and other brands.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for sending along their Transformers Minimates Box Set wave 2 figures for review. 

Availability: June 2022

The Minimates are packaged on a blister card with the Transformers logo and artwork, and the back includes images of the figure, along with a description.

Megatron comes in a metallic silver deco, with a purple Decepticon logo, with some red on the arms, blue, orange and red buttons on the chest. In the Generation One cartoon, Megatron transformed into a pistol used by other characters, and on his back is the front end of the pistol, which is also removable. On his right forearm is a blaster that he uses, which has limited range of motion due to the block system and how he was designed.

The torso is given a newly tooled piece to depict the front and back, and he has some newly tooled feet, shoulders and forearms, as well as the helmet placed over the block parts. Also included with Megatron is his energon mace.

Soundwave comes in a metallic blue and light grey deco, a purple Decepticon logo, and some red, and gold to round up his iconic color scheme. The chest piece does not open, as it would normally for the character with place a cassette inside, and he has a shoulder mounted rocket, and he comes with a blaster.

The new parts are also sculpted and placed over the block parts, including the torso, forearms, feet and helmet.

Grimlock comes in his grey, gold and red deco, along with some metallic silver and blue, with the red Autobot logo on his chest. The back includes the arms sculpted to the new torso piece for his dino mode, but what you don’t see is his head from the dino mode or another evidence he transformers into a t-wrecks.

The new parts includes the torso, forearms feet, and helmet, and he comes with his energy sword, and a blaster.

Blaster comes in his red, metallic silver, yellow and grey. He also has an Autobot logo on his chest, where the cassettes would be placed inside if the piece opened. Interestingly enough he is the only figure in this box to include his transformation piece, which is an 80’s cassette player. This can be held by him, or another figure, and makes a fun addition to the box set. He also includes a blaster.

Each Minimate comes with an acrylic figure stand.

Overall, these Transformers Minimates are a lot of fun to pose and display, especially with any Transformers figure collection. It is also important to know is that these are taller than Transformers Kre-O, and pretty much any other mini line in the Transformers brand, and these stand by itself. These parts are also compatible with other Minimates from other brands, so you can mix and match to your delight.


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