SDCC 2022 – Mattel Pixar The Incredibles – Spotlight Series Edna Mode Collector Figure Review


This years San Diego Comic-Con exclusives offered fans Edna Mode, as part of the Spotlight Series and based on her appearance in Pixar’s The Incredibles. Edna Mode is a fashion designer that created the costumes used by The Incredibles. She comes with three different outfits, which are interchangeable, three face plates, along with an assortment of accessories.

Thank you to Mattel for sending along their Mattel Pixar The Incredibles – Spotlight Series Edna Mode Collector Figure for review. 

Availability: San Diego Comic-Con,  July 22, 2022 at Mattel Creations

Edna Mode is packaged in a window box, with artwork of her appearance in The Incredibles, along with logo’s and images on the front, sides, and back. Also on the back is a description, along with a credit to the designer of this figure.

Edna Mode joins Mattel’s Spotlight Series line-up, which pays tribute to many of Pixar’s films in the past few decades. Edna comes with interchangeable outfits so you can re-create various scenes from the film. Each outfits comes with interchangeable arms for each outfit, and you can also swap out the hands for each arm so you can hold the accessories with various outfits. The blue outfit has a sculpted texture over it and is made of a soft plastic, and also matches the blue shirt underneath, which you don’t see with each outfit over it. The legs are cast in black, and she also comes in black shoes. The black outfit has a pattern, with purple trim on top around the collar, and also made of a soft plastic. The red outfit has some black stripes, and goes down to her ankles.

The outfits are easy to swap out as you need to pop off the head first, then the arms, and just lift if over her torso, and place the new outfit in the same way that the previous one was put on.

Her head sculpt is nicely done, with short black hair, big black and removable glasses, and three interchangeable face plates with different expressions so you can mix and match that along with the outfits, which creates many different options to pose and display her. Plus the swappable hands also helps create even more options to display her as you can use the open grip hands to hold the accessories, or another set of hands to pose her.

Included with Edna is a black base to help her stand, a stylist, a tablet, a newspaper, along with the outfits, interchangeable face plates, glasses, three parts of hands, and a concept card.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed head, swivel-hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel wrists, swivel waist, swivel hips, and swivel-hinged knees.

Overall, Edna Mode is a fun figure to own especially if you’ve been collecting the Spotlight Series line. All of the interchangeable outfits and options to display her makes her an appealing looking figure, and the designers have done a nice job capturing the characters look and personality with the interchangeable face plates. Definitely recommended to fans of the film, collectors of the line, and of course if you like customizable action figures.


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