Hasbro The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Legends Retro Avalanche Figure Shipping From Amazon


Amazon has updated their listing for Hasbro’s The Uncanny X-Men Marvel Legends Retro Avalanche Figure, which ships tomorrow January 28th, 2023. Avalanche is priced at $24.99, and you can order him by clicking HERE! The rest of the wave ships April, 1, 2023.

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Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, possesses the unique ability to duplicate himself at will.

Wolverine suits up with a new X-Men team to take on the world’s greatest threats to mutantkind.

Spiral, Mojo’s deadly enforcer, possesses additional cybernetic limbs, powerful mystic abilities, and a deep enmity for her former flame, Longshot.

Brotherhood of Mutants veteran Avalanche can generate powerful seismic waves from his hands.

Overwhelmed by the power of the cosmic Phoenix entity, Jean Grey gives in to the being’s destructive tendencies.

The alien performer and hero Longshot uses his probability-manipulating powers to turn any odds in his favor.