McFarlane Toys – DC Multiverse Batman, Supergirl & Dr.Fate (Injustice 2) Gold Label 3 Pack Figures Pre-Orders


McFarlane Toys announced and pre-orders for their DC Multiverse Batman, Supergirl & Dr.Fate (Injustice 2) Gold Label 3 Pack Figures are available to pre-order now exclusively at Amazon. The set is priced at $39.99 and you can grab it now by clicking HERE! This ships September 29, 2023.

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Batman: Even after he’s been exposed to the world as Batman, Bruce Wayne™ keeps his vow to avenge his parents’ death by fighting for justice. He refuses to execute his enemies, believing that once he crosses that line, he’s no better than the cowards he battles. Dr. Fate Powerful sorcerer Kent Nelson™ wears the Helm of Fate™ and sees the fate of all mankind, for better or worse. He knows the world will end— either by Brainiac’s hand, or in a war between Batman™ and Superman™. Though the helm compels Kent to preserve this grim fate for the sake of Order, Kent’s humanity compels him to intervene on behalf of his heroic friends— and risk the unforeseeable consequences. Supergirl As a child Kara Zor-El™ witnessed the devastation of Krypton™ before she was sent to Earth on a mission to protect her infant cousin, Kal-El™. Arriving on Earth decades too late, she discovered that grown-up Kal has been imprisoned. Still determined to protect her family, and its legacy, Kara will fight her cousin’s enemies as Supergirl™.