Hasbro Transformers Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Universe Optimus Prime Figure Review



Hasbro’s Transformers Legacy Evolution line continues to grow and they are tapping into Transformers Armada, with the release of Hot Shot, Optimus Prime, Megatron and there are surely more to come. These figures are based on the 2002 – 2003 Transformers Armada series, which is remembered as the first of a 3-part trilogy that continued with Transformers Energon, and Transformers Cybertron. Armada is also remembered for its animation mistakes, which I personally found distasteful and lazy on the animators part, but it did give us some iconic and memorable characters and designs. Optimus Prime is one of them, and he can transform into a truck, battle station, robot and his Super Mode.

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Thank you to Entertainment Earth for sending along Hasbro’s Transformers Legacy Evolution Commander Armada Universe Optimus Prime Figure for review.

Availability: September 2023

Optimus Prime is packaged in the standard plastic-less box, with beautifully done artwork featuring the character on the front, left side, additional characters to the right, and the back includes a look at his his four modes, which helps as a reference while transforming him. Included is an instruction sheet, and he comes in four pieces out of the box, the truck, trailer, blaster, and one other part used for transforming.

The truck has a small cab with a larger back, with six rotating tires, clear windshield and windows, and the Autobot logo on the top of the hood. He comes in his classic colors, including red, blue, metallic gold, grey, silver and black.

The trailer includes two large Autobot logo’s on the sides, is is mostly blue and grey, with some metallic silver, metallic gold and black.

Obviously, the truck and trailer can connect, and you can move both around as they have rotating wheels.

The trailer converts into this battle station mode, which can be used for smaller Transformers figures to be placed around it.

The robot mode for Optimus Prime is bulky, with a small head.

The Matrix of Leadership is inside the chest, and can be removed.

The blaster/cannon can be held in his hands, and the smoke stacks from the sides of the truck can be placed on the cannon as well.

Optimus Prime’s Ultimate form is the most remembered and recognized mode. This is how many fans are going to display him, and rightfully so as he’s huge, bulky and just looks very impressive. The body keeps true to the source material, and this is his combined form with the trailer, which serves as the legs, and the robot mode serves as the top.

The head sculpt looks great, and includes the metallic gold smoke stacks on the sides. The silver smoke stacks are on the back, connected to the arms. The Autobot logo, which can be placed on any 3MM port goes on the front of his chest.

He can also hold the blaster in either hand, and as he’s articulated you can create some dynamic poses.

A breakdown of the articulation in both robot modes is featured in the video above.

Overall, Armada Options Prime is one of the more memorable versions of this heroic Autobot throughout the universes, and fans and collectors are surely going to want to add him to their collection. Make sure to grab him, Megatron and other figures now!


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