NECA Toys Gargoyles Ultimate Steel Clan Robot Figure Review



NECA Toys is now offering their Gargoyles Ultimate Steel Clan Robot figure that is based on the classic 90’s series, and joins an already impressive line-up. The Steel Clan Robot is the personal army of David Xanatos, and features gauntlet blasters and attachable thruster blasts so he can fly.

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Availability: September 2023

The Steel Clan Robot is packaged in a window box with an opening flap, with artwork featuring an army of the character, images of the figure on the sides and back. Also on the back is a description, and a look at additional figures in this line. The opening flap includes another image, and on the right is the window box showing the figure, along with his accessories all packaged in a plastic tray.

The Steel Clan Robot was designed with the likeness of Goliath in mind when Xanatos created this robot, and the figure represents him quite well. While he’s not solely based on the television series, or even the vintage toy, NECA is doing their own thing when it comes to this line, and it works quite well. He comes in a big, beefy sculpt, and painted in metallic silver, dark grey, teal, with black hair and red eyes, and features a bendy tail in the back to help him to stand, as he simply cannot stand without it.

The wings are big, and the middle can swivel, with swivel-hinged pins in the back where they plug into the figure, and painted in metallic silver deco.

He includes gauntlet cannon blasters that plug into the forearms, attachable thruster blasts effects, and four sets interchangeable hands (closed fisted, open grip, and two sets of open hands). In addition to the tail and wings that come unassembled in the package.


The cannons plug into the forearms as shown, after removing the appropriate piece. They stay in quite well and unless he falls over on your shelf, they should stay on.


The blast effects can plug into the back, and the smaller one’s at the bottom of his feet. This creates his ability to fly as seen in the animated series. Since he’s big, bulky and have some weight to him, my acrylic figure stands couldn’t support the weight, so I used the tail to balance him on the ground. That might be your best option too unless you want to use wires to create a flight mode. The blast effects stay on pretty well, and you can create some dynamic poses between the gauntlet cannons and these effects.

Overall, The Steel Clan Robot is an excellent figure, and the first (and probably only) army builder offered in this line. So make sure to buy duplicates for your toy shelf and display. You can find him now at Entertainment Earth and make sure to click off the hyperlinks to the 10% off discount and free shipping $79+ offer.


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Entertainment Earth is offering Free USA Shipping on all orders of $79+, including 10% in-stock items. Use this LINK and start shopping.