Premium Bandai – Gundam Fan E-Festival 2023 Drops & New Figure Pre-Orders


Premium Bandai has some new pre-orders for Gundam Wing, which is part of the Gundam Fan E-Festival Event, which runs between November 23rd – December 10th, 2023. This includes many new figures and collectibles offered, with more than 80 for Drop 1, which took place on November 23rd,  and over 30 for Drop 2, which took place on November 25th. Drop #3 takes place on November 28, 2023 at 6pm PST.

Free Shipping is offered for orders of $78+, and you can check out Drop 1 and Drop 2 by clicking off the hyperlinks.

Note – At no extra cost to you, we collect a small commission on referred sales and would greatly appreciate it if you click off of the hyperlinks before you shop. Thank you in advance.