Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Select Series 5 – Terror Dog, Library & Taxi Cab Ghost Figures Review & Giveaway


Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Select series 5 is the last wave needed to finish the rooftop diorama play set, which fans have been waiting to finish for the past couple of years now. This wave includes all new figures of the Terror Dog (includes both male and female horns), Library Ghost, and the Taxi Cab Ghost, and this is also the only wave so far to offer an all ghost line-up. This wave includes two assortments, with the comic shop specialty wave including the rooftop diorama parts required to finish the play set, and the Toys “R” Us exclusives including just the figures, and is also offered at a cheaper price point of roughly $12.99.

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Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Ghostbusters Select Series 5 – Terror Dog, Library Ghost and Taxi Cab figures for review.

Availability: June 2017

The rooftop diorama takes fives waves of 3 figures each to complete, making it a total of 15 figures to complete it. This wave is the last one needed to finish the rooftop, and includes the Terror Dog with both male and female horns, Taxi Ghost, and the Library Ghost.

The Library Ghost is based on the demon side of the character as seen in the film, when she scares the Ghostbusters and eludes capture. The figure is sculpted in a frightening appearance, with the sharp demonic teeth, wave hair, and elongated head. The facial details are incredibly designed, with the yellow eyes glaring, and the paint apps of a light purple with a darker purple wash skin tone. The hair is wave, and looks like it’s never seen a comb before. The hair is cast in white plastic, with a black wash over it. The dress is torn, and you can see parts of the torso through the dress. The dress is painted in purple, with a darker purple wash over it. The sleeves are all but completely shredded, with only tidbits of the dress loosely wrapped around the arms. The legs are gone, and if you look underneath the dress there are only a ghostly portion of the torso remaining. The fingernails are long and sharp, and are painted in yellow that also matches the eyes. Included is a stand, but she has trouble standing up right with or without the stand.

The Taxi Cab Ghost has a zombie like appearance over the usual ghost from the film. The figures sculpt depicts the on-screen character extremely well, and features a mostly skeletal structure with only a few single layers of skin remaining. The figure could pass as a 7″ The Walking Dead zombie, as it’s just as detailed as the movie version. What is left of the skin is painted in brown, and there is a light wash over the head and torso. The hands and feet are also just as details as the face, and have the same deco. Some of the skeletal structure is shown through the pants, white shirt, and jacket, and the left shoe is missing leaving the foot bare and exposed. The head sculpt includes a non-removable hat as seen in the film, with black hair underneath. The figure has difficulty standing on his own, and since he does not include a figure stand, it’s best to have the left foot on an angle to get him to stand temporarily, but depending on the angle, he will undoubtedly fall over.

The Terror Dog is one of the best sculpts offered in this line, and is a character that everyone collecting this line has been waiting for. The figure includes both male and female horns, and has an excellent likeness to the movie version. The ability to swap out the horns is definitely a bonus, but the more core fan will want two figures to display with both horns. Unlike the other two figures in this wave, this figure has no difficulty standing up on his own, and also fits nicely on the platform on the rooftop diorama. The deco on he skin is a dark grey, with the horns, claws, and teeth painted off white with a black wash. The facial details are stunning, with the glaring red eyes, sharp teeth, and the pivoting jaw reveals the tongue and the inside of his mouth.

The rooftop is now complete, it is massive, and it is beautiful. Once it is together, it measures over 31″ long, requiring a lot of shelf space. Depending on how you display it, you should be able to display every figure from the 1984 film released in this line on it. This includes all 5 waves, and the exclusives. The alternate dimension backdrop is a great looking lenticular print out that snaps behind the doorway, and looks just like it did in the film.

Overall, Series 5 includes excellent figures, and the ability to finish off the rooftop is a nice touch.


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