Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe, Star Trek & Aliens Heroes Series 1 Review


During last months San Diego Comic-Con, Mega Contrux and Mattel unveiled new single packaged figures that have made their debut in stores. This includes He-Man and Skeletor from Masters of the Universe, Captain Picard and a Borg Drone from Star Trek: The Next Generation, and a Marine and Xenomorph from Aliens. The first series in this assortment contains all 6 figures shown, and is officially called Heroes Series 1 on the packaging.

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Thank you to Mattel and Mega Construx for providing their Masters Of The Universe, Star Trek and Aliens Heroes Series 1 for review. 

Availability: August 2017


During San Diego Comic-Con 2015, Mattel revealed He-Man, Battle Cat, and Castle Greyskull as part of a new line-up that they were going to do. Until now, nothing has happened and there were no new developments. A couple of years later, Mega Construx, formally known as Mega Bloks, is now getting to Masters of the Universe, and kicking off the line with He-Man and Skeletor that are inspired from the animated series. This He-Man is different than the one shown at Comic-Con a few years ago if you scroll down to the bottom of the coverage, and this even looks better than what was originally shown.

He-Man and Skeletor are the first Masters of the Universe figures to be introduced to retail since the Toys “R” Us offered the Masters of the Universe Classics/DC Universe Classics 2-pack crossover figures. This is a big step for Mattel and in the right direction to offer fans something new and at the same time, keeping new He-Man product out there at a time when they handed over the Classics line over to Super 7 last year. He-Man was always meant as one of Mattel’s core brands, and we’re happy to see Mega Construx take a risk with these at a time where there isn’t a film or animated series to back the property. Since these are small, there isn’t too much of a risk for them, and the fact that they are offering these tells us that they are testing to see how these perform, and we’re hoping that these are only the beginning of a new line of Masters of the Universe toys in stores. Mega Construx and Mattel aren’t the only companies that can offer He-Man products, as Fisher Price is also owned by Mattel, a He-Man Imaginext figures could also be a low risk and profitable release for them. If you recall, readers sent us mock up images of a He-Man Imaginext figure that we gave to the brand team at the time during our press tour of Fisher Price, and you can see those images HERE located on top. We’re hoping to see more He-Man figures like this in the coming years from Mattel, Mega Construx, and Fisher Price especially by 2019 when the new film is supposedly going to hit.


He-Man and Skeletor are inspired from the 1980’s animated series, and are pre-assembled in the package. He-Man and Skeletor share some of the same parts including the chest, arms and legs as they’ve always done since the original toyline in the 1980’s. The chest harness, head sculpts, belts, feet, and accessories are unique to each figure to capture their likeness. Skeletor has always had straight forward point applications, with blue skin, a purple outfit and staff, and the iconic yellow and green skeletal face that many people would recognize even without being fans of the franchise. He-Man was always a bit more colorful, with blonde hair, grey and red chest harness, brown shorts and boots, orange and red belt, a grey Power Sword and shield , and there is some red deco on the shield. The franchise may have been re-booted a few times by Mattel, but the overall design and colors have always remained the same on these two and other characters since the beginning. In addition to their iconic accessories, each figure includes a figure stand with their name on it.

The Castle Grayskull used in the image above is from the MOTU Mini figure 2 packs, and each 2 pack included a piece to build the castle. As you can see, these are perfectly compatible with it.


Masters of the Universe aren’t the only new figures to be offered in this wave, as there are Star Trek: The Next Generation and Aliens figures being offered. Captain Picard has a good likeness to Patrick Stewart, and the figure is painted in his red and black captains uniform as seen in Star Trek The Next Generation. There is also a comm badge on his upper left chest that is painted in gold. The Borg drone has some customizable options, as the figure includes parts, including two head pieces, swappable arm attachments, and smaller pieces that can connect to his body. The cybernetic drone is nearly covered in technology as seen in Trek, and the head sculpt and left hand are painted in white to indicate that part is flesh, and the right hand is now a cybernetic arm and hand. Captain Picard includes a tricorder and a phaser rifle, and the Borg drone includes interchangeable parts as shown. Both figures include a figure stand with their name on it.



The Aliens figure includes a marine, and a Xenomorph. The marine is sculpted in green armor with nicely detailed paint apps of a skull, and camouflage, and grey suit underneath it. On the armor there are several pegs to store accessories such as the shoulder lamp plugs into one of the pegs on the back, and the knife can be stored on a peg located on the chest. The figure also includes a rifle he can hold in both hands. The Xenomorph is larger than any figure in this wave, as he should be. The likeness is very nicely done and there is some great detailed sculpting done on the body. The claws are attachments, and once removed the hand sculpts are identical to those of any other figure in this line. But the rest of the sculpt is pure Alien goodness. The figure includes two Facehuggers, one that can be placed over a head of one of the human figures, and one crawling on the floor. Both figures include a figure stand with their names on it.

Overall, this is a great assortment of characters from three great franchises, and fans will surely love all the great details and sculpting on these.


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