NJ Croce Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman Bendable Figure Review


NJ Croce released their Woman Woman movie bendable figures, which includes a single packaged Wonder Woman figure, and a three pack that includes Hippolyta, Wonder Woman, and Steve Trevor. Wonder Woman is based on the likeness of Actress Gal Gadot.

Following the events of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which she made a debut in, the new film tells her story Wonder Woman. This is followed by her leaving her home to help end the war.

From the Wonder Woman movie comes Diana Prince in bendable action figure form. Highly detailed, this action figure can be bent and posed any way you like giving you endless possibilities to fight crime or even recreate your favorite movie pose. Bring the Goddess of Truth to life with this Wonder Woman Movie Wonder Woman Bendable Action Figure. Measures about 5 4/5-inches tall.

Thank you to NJ Croce for sending along their Wonder Woman Movie – Wonder Woman Bendable Figure for review.

Availability: August 2017


Wonder Woman is based on the 2017 film and features the likeness to Actress Gal Gadot. The costume doesn’t appear to have changed since her debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The costume keeps her iconic red, white and gold colors, with red deco on the shirt and boots, blue on the shorts, and gold covering trim around the shirt and shorts, as well as the boots. There is also silver, brown and gold deco on the gauntlets, gold knee pads a gold headband, a hold handle on the sword, a gold bracelet on the left arm, and gold patterns and designs on the shield. The head sculpt is done very well, and has some great facial details and long black hair with waves and realistic folds.

As the figure is bendable, she doesn’t necessarily have articulation, but the sculpting on the elbows and knees gives the impression that she does. There is an issue however with getting the figure to stand, as the ankles do bend, getting her to stand up right does require you to press down on the figure so that the ankles and feet can be straightened to support the weight of the figure. In addition, there is also the problem with some of the paint applications at least on this particular figure, with some of it bleeding such as the gold and blue deco onto the skin. This may vary from figure to figure, as the factory appears to have rushed a bit on this one.

Update – NJ Croce let us know that the paint applications do indeed vary from figure, as the factory focuses on hand painting each figure.

Included with Wonder Woman is her sword and shield, that can be held into her hands. The lasso is attached to her right hip, and cannot be removed.

Overall, this a great figure with a good likeness to Actress Gal Gadot.


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