Bif Bang Pow! Marvel & Star Trek Pin Mates Wooden Figures Review


Bif Bang Pow! has been rolling out some great releases in the past two years, with not just Pin Mates Wooden figures, but also playsets and vehicles that are in scale to them. The figures come from a variety of media, including comics, television, and film, and there are sure to be many more great surprises to come. Each of the properties that Bif Bang Pow! introduces in this line is in scale to each other, and you can have a dimensional crossover for your displays if you choose, which would be similar to LEGO Dimensions or Disney Infinity video games.

Recently, Scott Neitlich joined the Bif Bang Pow!/Entertainment Earth team and is on the helm of these Wooden figures. Scott is best known for creating the Masters of the Universe Classics line, as well as every product sold on Mattycollector for Mattel from 2009-2016. This includes DC Infinite Earths, Justice League Unlimited, Ghostbusters Classics, Masters of the Universe Mini’s, ThunderCats Classics, Ghostbusters prop replica’s, Back To The Future, and more. In 2018, fans can expect some big plans for this line, that will be announced during New York ToyFair 2018.

Thank you to Entertainment Earth and Bif Bang Pow! for providing their a selection of Marvel and Star Trek Pin Mates for review.

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Availability: 2017


Thor: Ragnarok Pin Mates are some of the latest offerings from Bif Bang Pow!, which consists of all of the key characters in the film. Included in this collection is Gladiator Hulk, Thor, Loki, Hela, Valkyrie, and Bruce Banner. Gladiator Hulk is offered as a 4″ and 2″ Pin Mates, with the 4″ offered in a 2-pack along with Thor. The 4″ Gladiator Hulk Pin Mate is painted in his gladiator which includes the helmet with the red and black design on the top. His armor is painted in black, silver and purple deco, with white detailed deco on his skin as seen in the film. Thor is painted in his dark grey, red, brown, silver and gold armor, with a brown mustache and beard. The cape on his back is painted in red, and hangs over the left shoulder. The helmeted version of this Pin Mate is exclusive to the 2-pack. Loki is painted in his blue and dark grey outfit, with yellow deco on the sides. Hela is painted in her dark green and black outfit, with light and dark green deco around the eyes, and the design on her helmet is nicely detailed in dark green, and is attached o the top of her helmet. Thor is the same as the 2-pack version, with the exception that he is not helmeted, and he does not have the red deco around the left eye. Valkyrie is painted in her dark blue, silver, and gold outfit, with nicely detailed lines that are crisp. Her facial details include addition silver deco around the eyes. Bruce Banner is split with Hulk, and half the Pin Mate is Bruce, and the other is Hulk. Bruce is painted in his dark grey jacket, white shirt, and black pants, and Hulk is painted the same as the 4″ version, without the helmet, and gladiator paint deco on his face.


Netflix has been offering some quality Marvel television shows in recent years, and this time around Bif Bang Pow! has given these iconic characters the Pin Mates treatment. Daredevil is painted in his dark red and black outfit, with some light red painted over the dark parts. Elektra is painted in her black and red outfit, with her mouth and nose covered in a black mask, with a bit of red trim on the top. She is holding her sais in her hands, that are painted on either side, and pointing to each other in the front. Jessica Jones is painted in her black leather jacket, with a silver zipper, grey shirt, and blue jeans. Luke Cage is painted in his dark grey hooded sweatshirt, that has some black trim giving it definition, and dark blue pants. Iron Fist is painted shirtless, with the logo painted on his chest, and light brown deco giving his chest some definition. His right hand is glowing in green deco, which is his chi to activate his power.


Classic Marvel is our personal favorite, and Bif Bang Pow! has a collection of both classic and modern Marvel for all fans. At this time, there are only a handful of characters in this collection, but given it’s popularity, this should be growing this year. Captain America is painted in his classic red, white and blue striped uniform, with a black belt, and a shield painted on his back. The detail includes the A on his forehead, star on his chest, and red and white stripes around his chest. The Red Skull is painted in a light green and white outfit, and what really stands out is the bright red deco on his head with black facial details. Mary Jane is part of a different Marvel wave, and she is painted in a modern black sweater, with gold paints, and a black belt with a silver belt buckle. Her long red hair goes down the sides and back.


Star Trek: The Next Generation is one of the more popular of the franchises television shows, and even continued in several successful theatrical films after the show went off the air. Bif Bang Pow! kicked off this line with some of the most recognizable characters from the show, but for some reason, characters like Dr. Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Q, among others, are not in this line so far. Captain Picard and Commander Riker are painted in their dark red and black uniforms, with the comm badges painted on the right side of all of the figures. Commander Riker includes his beard and mustache, and Captain Picard is bald with some hair on the sides of his head. Diana Troi is painted in her purple outfit, with a dark purple trim around the top. Wolf, Data and LaForge are painted in their gold and black uniforms. Wolf has the Klingon piece around his body, and the riffles on his forehead are painted on. He also has his goatee painted on. Data’s skin is painted in white, with gold eye balls. LaForge is painted with his visor, which is silver, gold and black. The paint applications on these figures are dong very nicely and the detail came out great.

Overall, Pin Mates are becoming extremely popular as the brand continues to offer more licenses and characters each year. Each one of these features great detail and deco. You can buy these yourself at the links above or below, along with many other Pin Mates that are available now.



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