Diamond Select Toys Ghostbusters Select Series 7 – Egon Spengler, Slime Blower Winston & Janosz Poha Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys continues their Ghostbusters Select line with a brand new assortment and the first wave of the Firehouse diorama. This wave is based on Ghostbusters 2, and includes the first pieces of the firehouse doors. This wave includes museum employee Janosz Poha, along with “We’re Back” Ray Stanz and Slime Blower Winston Zeddemore. These versions are available at comic shops and online retailers, and make sure to use the links below to purchase these online. The Toys “R” Us versions (if you could find those now considering that they’re closing) will not include the Firehouse diorama and comes in a thinner packaging, but the figures come with their accessories.

The Firehouse diorama will see figures from both Ghostbusters 2 and The Real Ghostbusters, which were shown at New York ToyFair 2018. Details on Series 7-10 are below:

Series 7, available now, includes “We’re Back” Egon Spengler in grey, Slime Blower Winston Zeddemore and museum employee Janosz Poha. Janosz will be exclusively available at comic shops and specialty stores, in Select packaging, with Oscar, a lenticular disappearing Vigo painting, and a pair of baby-holding hands for Vigo. Instead of Janosz, This was was also supposed to get a translucent Terror Dog with two sets of horns that was going to be a Toys “R” Us exclusive, but now that this store is closing, the fate of this figure remains unknown.

Series 8 just opened for pre-orders with “We’re Back” Peter Venkman, “We’re Back” Winston and Slime Blower Ray, all of whom should arrive this fall.

Series 9 and 10 of the Ghostbusters Select line will feature the Real Ghostbusters, from the 1980s cartoon of the same name. Egon, Winston and Slimer star in Series 9, with all new heads and gear for Egon and Winston, and new faces (and a bus driver hat) for Slimer. Series 10 will feature Peter, Ray and a fully articulated 9-inch Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Each will come with a piece of the firehouse diorama at comic shops and specialty stores, and they will be solicited for pre-orders later this year, for a winter release.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their  Ghostbusters Select Series 6 – Ray Stanz, Louis Tully & Vigo Figures for review. 

Availability: March 2018


Egon Spengler joins Ray Stanz in their Ghostbusters 2 outfits that are painted in dark grey as seen in the film. The head sculpt is nicely detailed and includes glasses, and features a great likeness to the Actor. The figure is primarily a repaint from earlier waves, and the torso is nicely sculpted and includes his name on the top right of his uniform, and includes a removable proton pack. Egon is sculpted as he appeared in the film, which includes the Ghostbusters 2 uniform with a belt fully equipped with accessories as well as a removable walkie talky. The costume is nicely sculpted and as this is a repaint, fans will know what to expect here. The elbow pads, parts of the proton pack and belt are made of soft plastic. He also includes a proton stream, the line’s first giga meter, 6 interchangeable hands, a connector for the proton steam to fit on the Neutrino Wand, a ghost trap, and a Santa hat. Also included is the lower part of the building that connects to the door.


Slime-Blower Winston Zeddemore is sculpted in his beige Ghostbusters outfit as seen in Ghostbusters 2. The figure includes the Slime-Blower unit that is made up of three tanks on his back, with the largest at the center, and two smaller tanks on the sides. This includes other detailed likenesses such as wires and hoses connecting the tanks to the Slime-Blower. The tanks are connected to a vest that is placed over his torso, and even has a belt around his waist for extra support. Below that is the standard Ghostbusters belt that includes the holster for the walkie talky, and the holster for the ghost trap. The Slime-Blower also has a strap on it so he can hold it around his shoulder. He includes his specialized mood-slime-projecting gear, a pink slime stream and a severed head on a pike. Winston also includes the top part of one of the doors with the glass.


Janosz Poha makes his action figure debut and features a great likeness to how he was seen in the film. The figure is sculpted in his long black coat that is made of soft plastic, and includes three buttons on the front. The sleeves are not part of the jacket and are sculpted to the arm. The sleeves are rolled up and this part is made of hard plastic. The left wrist includes a watch with a black band, and both hands are sculpted open. He also has a grey dress shirt, with a dark grey tie with patterns, and dark grey pants, a black belt with a silver belt buckle, and black shoes. The head sculpt is nicely done and detailed with textured hair, and great facials details as all of these figures come with.Janosz Poha includes baby Oliver and he has articulated shoulders, a lenticular disappearing Vigo painting, and a pair of baby-holding hands for Vigo. The Ghostbusters sign and the top piece of the door is also included.


Overall, this is a great assortment of figures and we are very pleased with the sculpts and likenesses that Diamond Select Toys continues to offer in their Ghostbusters Select line. The Ghostbusters Firehouse has begun, and we cannot wait to own a complete diorama of that just like we’ve been able to finish the rooftop from last year. What is great about this new line is The Real Ghostbusters will be making their well deserved return, and will be coming in future assortments in this line as mentioned above. This is definitely a great time to be a Ghostbusters fan.


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