Jakks Pacific Incredibles 2 Tunneler With Underminer Figure Review

Jakks Pacific Incredibles 2 Tunneler With Underminer Figure Review


Jakks Pacific is offering a new 3″ scale (or Imaginext style) line based on Pixar’s upcoming Incredibles 2 feature film that will be released on June 15th, 2018, which takes place after the events of the first film. The Tunneler is the vehicle used by Undermine, which is a villain that the Incredibles will be facing in the upcoming film. The Tunneler features a projectile, a firing boiler, a rotating drill that works be moving the vehicle, interior details and more.

Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 brings back everyone’s favorite family of superheroes in an exciting, hilarious, and heartfelt super-sequel. This new chapter sees Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack encounter a brand new nemesis that puts their power and their family to the ultimate test. Junior Supers Tunneler Playset recreates the encounter between the Parr family and the Underminer. Push forward for rotating drill, press button to shoot missile, extend the telescoping chair, launch the boiler!

Right now, fans can purchase the entire line on Amazon.com.

Availability: April 2018


The Tunneler measures approximately 12″ long and features drills on both ends, 8 trends on the body with rotating wheels on the bottom, windows and a firing projectile/drill bit from the larger drill. Long time fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles might remember a similar design called the Transport Module from the original series, which has many similarities to this one from The Incredibles. The larger of the two drills turns as the wheels on the bottom moves, which only the two wheels closest to it gives it this feature. The red drillbit also fires when pressing the red button on top, which can be fired even if the vehicle is moving. The Tunneler has many sculpted details on the body, including bolts that hold it together, transparent green plastic as the windows, and it can open with three different doors. Two of the doors are located next to the larger drill, and the smaller drill opens with the other one.


On the back of the doors, there are stairs that include a sculpted texture, the green transparent windows, a silver piece attached wit ha detailed design, and the single door has a flame on the back. The floor of the interior is refuted just like the stairs, and the interior details includes a control monitor for the Tunneler with screens, panel and buttons, a boiler that turns into a firing projectile by pressing the red button, and the telescoping chair can extend in various different ways so that Underminer can reach some heights. In this mode, the smaller of the two drills also opens up and is folded down, revealing the hollow inside of it. The Tunneler can hold Underminer even with the doors closed, as well as several other figures from the 2″ line of your choice.

The body of the Tunneler is mostly painted in brown, with the drills and trends painted in a dark grey. The interiors floor is painted in a light grey, with the control panel and boiler painted in yellow. The telescoping chair has a brown flat surface for him to stand on, with a dark grey extender.

Underminer is in his brown and yellow outfit, with a brown cape, black gloves and boots, and a brown heavy hat with e yellow light on top. The figures in this line are similar to those of the Imaginext line, so there is the possibility of universes crossing over for kids with imaginative play, and for adults that like to display this scale together. Included with Underminer is a grey accessory (commonly shown at yellow on press images), a shovel and an axe.


Overall, the Tunneler is a fun vehicle with great features that both kids and adults will love. We especially like the rotating drill and the fact that this vehicle can store several figures inside at once. The only minor tweak we would make is to have an option to store the shovel and the axe somewhere inside or on the exterior body of the vehicle.





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