Diamond Select Toys Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 6 Figures Review


Diamond Select Toys is now offering their The Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 6, which includes Sally with the Mummy Boy and Hanging Tree, Clown with Undersea Gal and her tank, Harlequin Demon with the Devil and another piece of the gift-making table – combine it with the pieces from Series 5 to form a larger diorama.

Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for providing their Nightmare Before Christmas Select Series 6 for review. 

Availability: November 2018

Each of the 2 packs come with a larger scale diorama piece such as the Hanging Tree, tank and a piece of the table that they used to make the toys as seen in the film.


Sally and Mummy Boy includes the Hanging Tree, which is one of the largest scale dioramas ever released in this collection. Sally has an excellent likeness and comes in her rag-doll dress with multiple colors and patterns, stitches on her skin and face, and long red hair. Her stand is the one she came with before, and has multiple points of articulation on the stem. Mummy Boy is wrapped in bandages with one yellow eye poking through his head, and the bandages have black trim on the top and bottom. He is only articulation in the shoulders, and comes with a small acrylic stand. The Hanging Tree is massive, and assembly is required for this piece. It features a face, and five hanging skeleton’s as seen in the movie. On either side of the face, are two stems that look like arms and they are pointing down as if he’s holding his hips. The other branches are on top where the skeleton’s hang for decoration. It also has three roots, one in back, and two to the side.



The clown is big and chubby, and is painted in a yellow suit with purple dots on the torso, and stripes on his arms and legs. His head includes the propeller that does not turn, a red nose, sharp yellow teeth, and glaring eyes that will just haunt you. Around his waist is a black belt, with objects such as a balloon chicken, paddle and various other things sculpted to it. His articulation includes swivel shoulders. Included with the Clown is a black cat in a box. The cat can be manually placed in it and taken out, and the handles do not turn. Undersea Gal has the likeness of a sea creature, with green skin and black deco lines on the leg. Her head sculpt is nicely done with a great likeness, including the fish lips and finns on the sides of the head, and the large one on top. Her articulation includes a swivel neck and swivel arms. Her tank is impressive and painted in a dark grey with silver bolts all around it and down the sides. The surface is smooth, and she doesn’t really fit inside as her legs are non-articulated. She includes an acrylic stand.


The Devil is sculpted and painted in his dark gray outfit, shoes and gloves. His head sculpt is nicely done with the horns, oversized eyes, long nose, sharp white teeth and a long black goatee. He also has a devil-like tail that can swivel. His articulation includes swivel shoulders, and he cannot stand by himself without leaning on something. Harlequin Demon is one of the most impressive figures in the line, and if you’ve seen her Minimate, you will know that the Select version of this character is even more impressive. Her outfit is fully sculpted and painted in green and orange in a pattern design, black fur on the arms, and green hands and feet. The head sculpt has an enormous mouth that can swivel, and teeth are all the way around both top and bottom. The head is being held at the center with intestines of some kind, which is an excellent detail. The eyes are glowing yellow with pupils, and the inside of the mouth is all red. The table is just like the ones from Series 5,  and is nicely sculpted to resemble wood. It includes a texture and sculpted detail on them to look the part as well. There are also two sets of legs for each of the table, making it customizable. On top of the table are accessories, such as a present, a hammer and a bat with wings.

Overall, this is fantastic wave with some excellent sculpting and attention to detail. The figures and especially the Hanging Tree and table all are incredible, and fans are sure to want to pick up this wave.



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