Disney Store Exclusive – Pixar Toy Box Toy Story 4 Figures Review


The Disney Store continues their Pixar Toy Box offerings with four new Toy Box figures from Pixar’s Toy Story 4 film, including Buzz Lightyear with blaster accessory, Woody with Forky figure, Jessie with Slinky Dog, Bullseye with Alien, and Bo Peep with a shepard’s crook staff . Each figure is priced at $12.95 and is available now.

Buzz, Woody and Jessie are offered again and there are some slight deco changes, as well as new accessories included with these figures that we talked about in detail below. What is also to note is that most of these characters were offered as a multi-pack in November 2018.

The Toy Box figures are based on the Disney: Infinity game designs, and are re-engineered and articulated. In the game, franchises could interact throughout all of Disney’s properties such as Marvel, Star Wars and Disney/Pixar characters. Fans of that game can now collect highly detailed and articulated figures based on those designs. This new wave however is inspired by Toy Story 4, which debuts in theaters June 21st, 2019, and includes characters such as Forky and Bo Peep that are introduced in this film.

Thank you to Disney and The Disney Store for providing their Pixar Toy Box Toy Story 4 figures for review. 

Availability: April 2019

Disney: Infinity was Disney’s version of LEGO Dimensions, where franchises collide and characters can interact. These figures are loosely based on this game, and have been re-engineered and articulated to resemble the game’s likeness.

The figures are packaged on the standard blister card, and the back introduces a new reveal that’s a silhouette of Monsters Inc Sullivan as the next Pixar Toy Box figure coming.


Buzz Lightyear comes with a new blaster that is painted in red and yellow, and he can only hold the accessory in his right hand as the left one is closed fisted. Even though the blaster has two handles, Disney Store did not update the hand sculpts and his right hand is the only one that has an open grip to hold an accessory like this, which is also the same sculpt as the previous release.

Buzz Lightyear stands at 4-1/4″ tall and is sculpted in his space armor suit. The space armor is nicely detailed with crisp paint applications, which includes a white and green color scheme. There is also grey shoulders, a red circular object on the top front of the suit, blue, green and red stripes, and a symbol on the upper part of the suit. The right arm features a yellow and black deco, with a red circular object below it, and the left arm has blue deco over the circular design. Both forearms have a red pattern, with some green deco on the forearms as well, and there is some purple deco on the fingertips. The jetpack is sculpted to the back, and includes a fan that is painted in light grey, with white and green deco on the pack, with purple, green, and red and white stripes on the wings.  The wings can swivel up and down, which is a nice touch. The legs are shite, with green deco around the hips, ankles and toes. The stomach is painted in black with a detailed pattern that goes all the way around. The top of the suit is left open, so you can place that non-included dome over his head. The head sculpt is nicely done, and the back of his head and neck are covered in a purple headgear, and the facial details are nicely done with the swivel on his chin.



The difference in paint applications is the missing red paint on the left gauntlet, which you can see in the image above. Aside from that, there are no other noticeable changes we could find.

Buzz includes a swivel neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, swivel wings, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and hinged ankles.


Woody stands at 5″ tall with his hat on, and is sculpted in his orange, blue and brown cowboy outfit. The shirt is painted in orange, and includes lines carved into it to give it a pattern, blue jeans, a brown belt with a holster and belt buckle, and brown cowboy boots with stars. Sculpted over the shirt is the white vest with black spots that represents a cow, a grey ring on his back, and a sheriff badge on his chest. The red scarf is tied around the back of his neck, and there are cufflinks on his sleeves. The head sculpt is nicely detailed, and he has a unique expression on his face with his eyes looking to the left. His hat is removable, and is painted in light brown, with dark brown trim.


The only changes in deco is the Sheriff’s badge and belt, which is now painted in a metallic copper rather than a light brown.



Forky is an all-new character and stands at roughly 2 3/4″ tall and meets the namesake as the body of the sculpt is a fork, with the top of it pointy, and he has facial details that includes an eye brow, large and small eyes, and a mouth. The body has arms that are wrapped around the body, and the hands includes three fingers. The feet are made out of a beige tongue dispenser that was broken in half, as the back of the feet has evidence of it being snapped apart, and has detailed such as a rainbow on top, and the word Bonnie on the bottom written in green.

Woody includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, hinged and rocker ankles. Forky is made of soft plastic and does not have any articulation.


Jessie stands at 5″ tall with her hat on, and is sculpted in a white, yellow and blue cowgirl outfit. The shirt is white, and there is some yellow deco on the upper part of it, with a thin red line underneath. There are also yellow sleeves that are larger than the arms, with some white deco, and a red stripe on the edge. There is also blue jeans that show up in the back and around the hips, with a brown belt, a cow belt buckle, and white pants with black spots to indicate the colors of a cow placed over the jeans in the front. Jessie’s facial details are nicely done, including the eyes and mouth. Her hair is painted in light brown with a yellow bow tie on the back. The hat is removable, and is painted in red and white trim. Included with Jessie is a lasso, that is interchangeable between all Toy Box figures.


The only changes in deco in Jessie is the belt buckle, which is painted in a metallic gold, rather than a dark and light brown.


Slinky Dog is an all-new sculpt and doesn’t have a slinky feature, but has the wires wrapped around his body that are sculpted on. The sculpt is nicely done and has an excellent likeness to the character. The bottom of the feet has tiny black wheels that don’t turn, the tail also has a wired slinky look to it but does not move, and the head sculpt is ball jointed and has the facial details such as long brown ears, a long snout, a nose, eyes and eye brows. He also has a green collar and a hook on his chest so he can be pulled by a string.

Jessie includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and hinged ankles.



Bo Peep comes with a shepard’s crook staff  and stands at roughly 5″ tall. She is sculpted and painted in her blue outfit, with some sculpted details and patterns on her shirt, and lower legs. She lash has a pink belt, purple bracelet, black shoes, and white stripes on her shirt. Her head sculpt is nicely done and has a facial details that has some of the best paint applications and detail in the set, along with a pink bowtie in her blonde hair, and three ponytails in the back.

Her articulation includes a ball jointed neck, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, swivel-hinged hips, swivel-hinged knees, and swivel-hinged ankles.


Bullseye comes with the Alien, and Bullseye was previously offered in the multi-pack late last year. The figure has a great representation of the character, and has a very distinct sculpt and nicely done details. He has a saddle on his back, but it’s very difficult to put any of the other Toy Story figures to sit on him due to how they hips and legs are sculpted. Bullseye is painted mostly in brown, with a pink mouth, with the inner section of the ears painted pink, a black tail, black hair on top of this head, a dark brown saddle, and dark brown feet.


The Alien stands at roughly 2″ tall and has light green skin, a blue outfit with a logo on his upper left shirt, a purple collar, dark blue belt and shoes. The head sculpt is nicely done and has the three eyes and antenna on top of his head, as well as pointy ears. The mouth is sculpted in the iconic expression as if he’s watching the crane move as seen in the first film.

Bullseye’s articulation includes a ball jointed neck, swivel-hinged legs for the hips and knees, and swivel feet. The Alien’s articulation includes a swivel neck and swivel shoulders.

Overall, these figures are fun to play with, and are great representations of the film and . Toy Story and Pixar fans will love these. They are available to purchase right now along with many more Toy Box figures at The Disney Store.


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