Playmobil Ghostbusters 70170 Ecto-1A Vehicle Set Review


This year marks the 30th Anniversary of Ghostbusters 2, and in celebration of this film, Playmobil is offering a number of sets and new figures. Playmobil’s 2019 Ghostbusters line-up includes the 70170 Ecto-1A, 70175 Ghostbusters Team Collector’s Set and the 6″ Collector’s Edition Figures. This new line-up is inspired as seen in Ghostbusters 2, which was released in 1989. The Ecto-1A features a new roof design, more lights and new sounds from the film. Also included are the four Ghostbusters in their Ghostbusters 2 uniforms, which were originally offered as single sets (reviewed HERE, as well as the Playmogram hologram projector and movie accurate accessories.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Ghostbusters 70170 Ecto-1A Vehicle Set for review. 

Availability: May 2019

The Ecto-1A and figures are packaged in a box with nicely done artwork including images of the contents, and some detailed instructions. The front show cases the Ecto-1A and the Ghostbusters in an action pose with artwork surrounding it, including the logo. The back has a detailed look of everything inside the box, including the figures, accessories and the Ecto-1A fully assembled. There are some additional images on the sides and bottom, including a look at how the Playmobil phone app works, which we had covered in detail right HERE!


The Ecto-1A is based on its appearance in Ghostbusters 2, and gets an all new design including on the roof and around the sides. This includes lights and sounds as seen in the film, which are battery operated on the vehicle. The body of the vehicle itself has printed labels including the Ghostbusters logo, phone number and additional detail. The included sticker sheet is mostly applied to the roof, as well as part of the vehicle that includes the head and rear lights, license plates, and the spotlight by the drivers side.


The rooftop has more detail than the 1984 version in Ghostbusters 1, including a advertisement on top that reads Ghostbusters, We’re Back…For Hire. This was created by a 3D sticker sheet, and this detail alone really makes the vehicle stand out and was one of the most memorable details about the vehicle in the film. The roof also has a satellite, as well as additional detail as shown that all needs to be assembled, and working lights and sounds that are activated by pressing the tiny black buttons.



The interior details appears to be the same as the 1984 version, and can store each of the figures inside, the Proton Packs, the Slime Blowers, the Ghost Trap and additional accessories. The roof is removable so you can place everything inside, and the trunk lifts up to store accessories inside there as well.



Each of the Ghostbusters are sculpted in the Playmobil figure style, and are painted in their dark grey uniform. The uniform includes great detail painted/printed  over the grey, such as the belt, name badge, zipper down his chest, coat pockets with zipper, pants pocket with zipper, elbow pads, and the Ghostbusters logo on the right shoulder. Winston and Ray includes the Slime Blower packs, and Egon and Peter includes the proton packs. The Slime Blower packs comes with a grey tank with two smaller green tanks on either side of it, and can connect to his beige jacket. The tubes are connected on the bottom of the tank, which connects to the side and back of the slime blower. Also included is a PKE Meter, stackable silicone slime slasher (pink slime) that can be placed on the Ecto-1A as shown in the gallery or one of the figures, and a Ghost trap.

Overall, this is an excellent set especially the detail on the Ecto-1A and movie-accurate detail that fans will love. The figures all look great and we’re especially fond of the roof design of the Ecto-1A introduced in the Playmobil style. This set and other 2019 offerings are available now, and can be ordered at the link below:


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