Disney Store Exclusive Marvel Toy Box Avengers Gift Set Review


The Disney Store is now offering their exclusive Marvel Toy Box Avengers Figure Gift Set that includes War Machine, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor and Doctor Strange in his Astral projection form. Hulk, Thor and Black Widow are re-issues, and Black Widow is given blonde hair compared to the red hair version previously offered. Hawkeye and War Machine are new to this set.

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Thank you to the Disney Store for providing their Marvel Toy Box Avengers Gift Set for review. 

Availability: November 2019

The Marvel Toy Box Avengers Gift Set is packaged in a window box, with the figures and their accessories shown in the front window, artwork of them on the sides, and images on the back.

This set offers fans and collectors the ability to catch up on two important characters released all the way back from the first wave, Thor and Hulk, along with two new characters not released in this line before, and two new variations of characters that are also only available in this set.


Thor and Hulk are reissued from the first wave that was released all the way back in 2017, and by offering these in this set, you now have the option to catch up on these two characters for those of you that didn’t jump on board this line when it had started. If you’ve been following our coverage of the Toy Box line over the years, you may recall we had been using Thor and Hulk in most of our photoshoots, so you should have a pretty good idea of what to expect of these figures. Hulk is painted in the same shade of green skin as the first edition, as well as the purple pants with a red stripe. The only difference on him is his eyes, which is likely a factory change and nothing planned. Hulk includes the same pipe accessory given to all of his releases.

Thor comes in his light and dark grey costume with a blue undershirt and red cape. There are some changes in deco on this figure, such as the circular parts of the costume a darker grey than the first release as shown above, and also his skin tone has a pink tone to it whereas the first release had a beige skin tone. His hammer, Mjölnir, also has a darker grey tone than the first edition.


Ronin is new and exclusive to this set, and he sculpted and painted in his black, grey and purple outfit. The purple deco has a metallic finish over it, and placed over his chest is a quiver with arrows sculpted inside. The hooded head sculpt has eyes that are cross-eyed, and he is also given an additional head sculpt with purple glasses, and blonde hair. Also included is an arrow that can be held in his left hand, and a bow that has a string, but the arrow cannot attach to the bow for display.


Black Widow is given an update with blonde hair, eye laches and the stingers are also repainted in gold, and she has a different shade red belt buckle and red deco on the sides of her outfit. Other parts of the outfit are about the same, including the black and grey deco. Included is the staff that can break about into batons.


Doctor Strange’s update is probably the most popular one in this set, with his Astral Projection form and the translucent blue plastic is a nice touch. The figure uses the same sculpt as the previous release, with the gold amulet around his neck, silver on his belt, and the black eye laches and beard on his chest. The figure also shares the likeness to some degree of Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and given the Disney Infinity touch to it. The cape also has the same textures as the first release had, and the pattern looks like basket weaving on the inside of it. The bottom of the cape is picked up from the floor by a breeze or something, and the top of it fits over his shoulders nicely. The cape is removable and there is a peg on the upper part of it that fits inside the hole on Doctor Strange’s back.



War Machine is also new to this set, and is a retool of the Iron Man figure. The figure is painted in his dark and metallic silver color scheme, with the repulsers on his hands, and Arc ReActor on his chest. War Machine is given two new shoulder mounted blasters that are ball jointed on his back, and can be lifted up, and swivel around to point downward on his back. His shoulder pads also have stars and stripes that are nicely detailed.

Overall, the Avengers Gift Set is a great offering and not only can you catch up with characters like Thor and Hulk, but it offers new characters and variations that you definitely need for your collection. Go grab this now and take advantage of the Cyber Monday price on this! Click HERE and get it for $60!


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