Mattel – WWE Elite Rey Mysterio Vs Somoa Joe Figure 2-Pack Review

Mattel – WWE Elite Rey Mysterio Vs Somoa Joe Figure 2-Pack Review


At WrestleMania 35, Rey Mysterio faced off against Samoa Joe in what was to be one of the most anticipated matches at this event. Both wrestlers had high stakes at this match, as this title had eluded Rey Mysterio in his carrier, and for Samoa Joe it was his WrestleMania debut.

Availability: February 2020

Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe are packaged in a window box with nicely done WWE artwork on the front, images of the wrestlers on the sides, as well as on the back. The figures are placed in a plastic tray along with all of their accessories

This Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe 2-pack is based on their match at WrestleMania 35, and each figure features high-end detail and FX facial detailing.


Rey Mysterio’s outfit pays a homage to the Spider-Man villain Mysterio, which includes a dark green full body suit, gold and black designs throughout the suit. He also includes gold, green and black gauntlets that are adjustable, arm bands and boots with that have the Goat branded in black on them. His head sculpt is based with gold, black and purple deco that has straps around the back and the mohawk is nicely done and textured. Included with Rey Mysterio is a set of interchangeable hands, a purple and gold cape with a clasp around the neck.


Samoa Joe comes in his Man Tai red and black shorts, with knee pads and kick pads on his knees. His wrists, left hand and left elbow are taped up in white bandages that are painted on. The shorts includes some sculpted detail around the waist that make it look realistic. His head sculpt is brand new with a goatee, short hair and a irritated expression on his face. Included with Samoa Joe are an extra set of hands and a white neck towel.

Overall, this Rey Mysterio vs. Samoa Joe set is a great offering and the detail on these are amazing. Rey Mysterio is obviously the best in the set as the costume not only pays homage to Spider-Man’s Mysterio, but he’s one great looking figure and we love this particular outfit of his. This set is available now and you can find it at the stores listed below:



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