Mattel – WWE Elite Figures Sees Growth In 2020 & Becomes #1 Seller


Mattel’s WWE Elite action figure line-up became the #1 best selling line in the category, according to the NPD. The line had seen a comeback and for good reason, as Mattel’s WWE brand team has been hard at work bringing a great mix of legends, along with wrestlers from every era in the WWE. In addition, the basic line became the #3 top seller for 2020, which as you know the figures have reduced articulation and usually come without accessories. This line also saw a great assortment from all eras of wrestling, and is also more price friendly for kids and parents.


Last year saw some great releases, and one in particular will remain in the minds of fans – Bray Wyatt’s The Fiend  saw him debut in this line back in series #77, and he became offered again in the Top Talents line, basic, and even the Ultimates line. The Fiend wasn’t the only popular figure of the year, as the mainstream line is credited for getting the #1 spot.

Other WWE lines count separately, including store exclusives such as Legends, Royal Rumble, Masters of the WWE Universe, and other offerings outside the mainstream line.

The WWE brand team have been doing a great job on this line and it’s great to see them get the recognition they deserve, and not only is the character selection as strong as ever, and the likenesses and attention to detail are as strong as ever. A big congratulations and shoutout to Bill, Steve and the rest of the team for their incredible work.

Mattel WWE figures at available to order at Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, and Amazon.