Mattel – WWE Ultimate Edition Series 8 Macho Man Randy Savage Figure Video Review


Mattel’s WWE Ultimate Edition Series 8 figure line-up includes Macho Man Randy Savage and Edge, which are both available now. Macho Man Randy Savage is based on his appearance in early 1992, and these neon colors are some of his most memorable of ring entrance gear. As to which match this particular outfit is based on, it’s hard to find the reference as he is wearing a number of similar outfits during this time, and the closest I could find was the January 31, 1992 match against Jake “The Snake” Roberts.

Macho Man includes a white entrance jacket with neon green bands, and ring outfit that includes yellow, pink and black deco, with white and green stripe boots. Also included are two alternate heads, sunglasses, a neon green hat, and alternate hands.

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Availability: April 2021


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