Mattel Creations – WWE Ultimate Edition New Generation Arena Gets A Macho Bonus


As a bonus, Mattel Creations is offering the Macho Man Randy Savage figure with soft goods entrance gear and announcer’s accessories to anyone that backs the ring playset by August 13th, 2021 at 9PM PT, and no later. Existing backers will also receive the figure, and you must back before the deadline to get the bonus figure, otherwise you won’t get it. Depending on how many people back it before the deadline, this Macho Man Randy Savage figure one of the most rarest figures in the entire line, along with the Ultimate Diesel figure that you get no matter when you back this.

Update – Macho Man is part of the Ultimate Edition line.

The campaign has been climbing since this announcement was made earlier this afternoon, with over 500 new backers that want to this project come to life, and guarantee themselves that Macho Man figure. The campaign is currently at 1,534 backers of the needed 5,000 to get this funded.

Besides Randy Savage, the ring includes the red, white and blue ropes that you will recall from the 80’s and 90’s, along with an entrance diorama, and an exclusive Diesel figure.

In addition, there are two announced stretch goals, Doink the Clown will be offered if the project hits 7,000 backers, and swapping ring skirts if the project hits 8,000 backers.

This set is $250 USD.

Mattel WWE figures at available to order at Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, and Amazon.