Displate – Star Wars The Clone Wars Metal Poster Review


Displate is offering a collection of licensed Star Wars posters made of metal, which includes many different entertainment properties and characters from the franchise. One of the metal posters features an assortment of characters from The Clone Wars, and the new series The Bad Batch, which we’re taking a look at here.

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Thank you to Displate for sending along their Clone Wars metal poster for review. 

Availability: Right now at Displate, they have a lot more to choose from too

The metal posters comes in a shipping box, which also be used as gift wrapping, and comes securely wrapped inside. It is also protected by shrink wrap, which protects the artwork while in transit.

This metal poster was used for the final season of Star Wars The Clone Wars, which had made its debut on Disney+ last year and wrapped up the series. The poster comes in three different sizes – 17.7” / 12.6” (M), 26.6” / 18.9” (L) and 35.4” / 25.2”  (XL) in matte or gloss finish, with an optional frame that is printed around it.

This poster is the 17.7 x 12.6″ offering, with the black wood pattern frame that has a texture to it, and helps bring out the artwork. Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi are featured on the top of the poster, and larger compared to other characters as they are three of the most recognizable in the franchise. Captain Rex, Darth Maul, Bo-Katan Kryze, Mandalorian Commando, Clone Wars Jet Troopers, The Bad Batch (Wrecker, Echo, Hunter, Tech) and a few other characters. Also shown are some ships, including Republic Gunships, and other ships.


These metal posters can be attached to a wall using the included magnet mounted system, which comes with it along with instructions. This works by sticking the paper to the wall, placing the magnetic square to it, and placing the poster to the magnetic square. The instructions also state that it shouldn’t create wall damage, if you decided to remove it.

Overall, the metal poster has a high-end design especially with the metal, and looks great on your wall. The artwork for the final season of The Clone Wars, and the quality you get here brings out the artwork exceptionally well.